Auditioning for the KMOX Sports Correspondent contest

kmox-sportsco-finalI once wrote a blog post about my Cardinals bucket list, and one of the items on the list is going to spring training.  Alas, our household budget doesn’t allow for such luxuries.  However, if I get lucky enough, I may get to go to spring training this year, and it would be because of the KMOX Sports Correspondent contest. The winner of this contest wins a four day trip for two to spring training with tickets to two games. It’s not all fun; there is some work involved, but since it’s Cardinals baseball, it’ll be fun work. There are more details about the contest at the link here.  You have to audition to win the contest, however, so I auditioned last night.  Here’s the tale of my audition.

Last night’s audition was at Gold’s Gym in Fenton, Missouri.  The earlier audition dates were at other Gold’s Gyms in Missouri, but I decided to go to the Gold’s Gym in Fenton because it was the closest audition location to where I live in Illinois.  My son had another activity last night and I couldn’t take him and go to the audition too (we only have one vehicle), so I asked my friend Kim to drive me to Fenton.  She agreed (thank you, Kim) and she picked me up at my house. Of course, being a girl, I had to make sure my hair and my makeup looked good for my audition video before I left the house.

Earlier in the day, I went to Mapquest and printed out the directions to the Fenton Gold’s Gym to take with us.  The trip was going well until we got to Hwy. 270. Mapquest told us to take Exit 3, which was the first exit after the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.  Kim started to exit off the highway, but I realized it was Koch Road, which would take us to the VA Hospital and not to Fenton.  So Kim hurried up and got back on Hwy. 270.  What we really wanted was the MO-30 Gravois Road exit, which also turned out  to be Exit 3.  That’s really confusing, MODOT;  you all really need to fix that.

After a couple of wrong turns in beautiful rural Fenton, we finally arrived at Gold’s Gym.  After a long, cold walk from the parking lot, we entered the building.  We saw this sign:


So where are the auditions?  I asked the nice lady at the front desk for assistance.  It turned out it was right around the corner.  The Sports Open Line guys were broadcasting live.


The audition tables were on the right.  Kim and I were greeted by Mike Nichol and Todd Rick of the KMOX Street Team. They asked whether both of us were auditioning.  I said that I was the only one auditioning and Kim told them she was just along for moral support.  I was given a release to sign.  Since I am a legal assistant and Kim is a former paralegal, we both reviewed the legal language in the release thoroughly. There was a paragraph with a very long run-on sentence; one of us needs to work in the legal department at KMOX to review their releases, I think.

I was given a script to read, which was the Version 8 Copy.  I read the copy and grabbed a pen so I could edit the wording. That’s one of my duties as a legal assistant, editing and proofreading pleadings and other documents.  I asked who wrote the copy.  It turned out that Tom Ackerman, the KMOX Sports Director, wrote the copy.  I told Mike and Todd that Mr. Ackerman should feel free to email his copy to me and I would be happy to edit it for him.

After I was done editing, I read it through in my head a few times to get a feel for pacing.  There were second marks (10 sec, 30 sec, etc.) on the side of the copy.  I then had to write my name on a white sheet of paper.  My audition number was on this sheet – I was the 73rd person to audition.  Not that night – 73 was the total of all the auditions at that point.  I sat at a table behind a faux old fashioned microphone. Here’s a photo of me reading the script:

KMOX3 (1)

Here’s a photo of one of the Street Team guys filming my audition:


After I was done, the Street Team guys said I did a really good job.  I then told the Street Team guys about this blog.  Hopefully, they’ll look it up.  We discussed other matters about the contest and about spring training, and then it was time to go, because another person walked up to audition.

I honestly thought that I would have to wait to audition last night, but I didn’t.  Either everyone who wanted to audition already did, or it was just too cold for people to leave their nice warm homes.   Now that the auditions are over, all of the videos will be reviewed by the folks at KMOX.  Ten finalists will be selected next week.  The videos made by the finalists will be put on the KMOX website and the public can vote on who they like the best.  If I get selected to be a finalist, I will be sure to let you know where you can view the videos and how you can vote for me, if you want.  I wouldn’t want to pressure you or anything.  🙂

After we stopped at the Phillips 66 station to fuel up the vehicle for the journey home, Kim used the voice option on Google Maps on her phone to get us back home and ironically, it took us the same way we came. Maybe Mapquest wasn’t wrong after all.

I hope I did auditioned well enough to be one of the finalists and I hope I get enough votes to win!  If not, I’ll try again next year.   That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and see you soon!



A Cardinals holiday (not Holliday) calendar


Inspired by Daniel Shoptaw’s blog post proclaiming that spring training is like Lent, I decided to make a list of Cardinals holidays.  They may not be religious or national holidays, but to the Cardinals fan, they’re worth celebrating.  I have listed these in chronological order, starting at the beginning of the year. The dates change from year to year; however, I have provided this year’s dates. 

Name of holiday:  Truck Day

Date:  A week before pitchers and catchers report – this year’s date was February 12.

Description:  This is the day when teams pack their equipment in tractor trailer trucks and head to the team’s spring training location.  Spring training starts in a week!  


Name of holiday:   Pitchers and Catchers Report

Date:   One week after Truck Day – this year’s date is February 19.

Description:  The day that pitchers and catchers report to spring training.  Spring training is officially underway!


Name of holiday:   Position Players Report

Date:   5 days after Pitchers and Catchers Report – this year’s date is February 24.

Description:  The first day that position players are to report to spring training.  A lot of the players arrived early this year.  They’re excited for the new season.


Name of holiday:   First Spring Training Game

Date:   Varies by year – this year’s first game is March 5

Description:  It’s been so long since the team’s last game! It’s great to see them back in uniform and on the field (that is, if the game is televised).  It’s also great to hear Mike and John on KMOX calling the game. 


Name of holiday:   Opening Day

Date:   Varies by year – this year’s Opening Day is April 5, which is also Easter this year.

Description:  Finally – the season has arrived! Winter is officially over!


Name of holiday:   Home Opening Day

Date:   Varies by year – this year’s first home game is April 13.

Description:  The Cards have opened on the road the last couple of years, so Home Opening Day is the real holiday for local Cardinals fans. 


Name of holiday:  All-Star Break

Date:  Varies by year – this year’s All-Star break is from July 13 – 16.

Description:  This holiday is a three day break in the middle of the season.  Those Cardinals selected to play in the All-Star Game participate in those festivities, while the rest of the team and coaching staff go home for a break.  A 162 game season is a long season.  After the break, it’s all systems go in order to get into the playoffs. 


Name of holiday:  Last regular home game of the season

Date:  Varies by year – this year’s date is September 27.

Description:  This day can either be happy or sad, depending on where the Cardinals are in the standings.  If they’re going to the playoffs, this is a happy day.  If the Cards are not going to the playoffs, it’s a sad day –there will be no more Cardinals games until next spring. 


Now some may say that the playoffs and World Series should be Cardinals holidays as well, but those aren’t guaranteed to happen on a year after year basis, so you really can’t print them on a calendar.  Those might be considered extra holidays. 

Pitchers and Catchers Report Day is tomorrow!  I’m so excited!  I hope you are too.  I can’t wait for this new season to begin.  Tomorrow night, I will be auditioning at the Gold’s Gym in Fenton, MO for the 2015 KMOX Spring Training Correspondent. More details are at the link here:  Stop by and audition yourself or just say hi!  Or you can keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck. That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and see you next time!