Hope, postponed

Today was supposed to be Opening Day for Major League Baseball, New Year’s (or New Season’s) Day for baseball fans, with all its pomp and circumstance.  The Cardinals were to start the season on the road at Cincinnati, the traditional Opening Day city. However, thanks to this insidious coronavirus, there is no joy in Mudville – baseball is shut down. Opening Day is the first sure sign of spring for me.  If Opening Day hasn’t happened yet then spring hasn’t happened yet either, despite the best efforts of Mother Nature.  Hope springs eternal, but hope has now been postponed. 

I want to see Yadi behind the plate with Waino on the mound.  I want to see Harrison playing center field.  I want to know who’s been selected to play left field.  I want to see the Cardinals Hall of Famers in their red jackets behind home plate on the home Opening Day.  I want to hear the crack of a bat hitting the ball, and the sound of a ball smacking into a glove. I want to go to Budweiser Terrace and enjoy a $5 can of Busch beer. I want to sit in the stands with the rest of the fans and cheer on my Redbirds.  Proverbs 13:12(a) states, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” There are a lot of heartsick baseball fans (and baseball players too) right about now.

Opening Day will finally happen this year (we hope), but when it will happen is anyone’s guess.  There are so many possibilities being propounded that I can’t even list them all.  However, MLB and the Cardinals have been doing a great job keeping fans’ interest in baseball by interacting on social media.  In fact, this morning at 10:00 AM CST, you can watch Game 6 of the 2011 World Series (a/k/a David Freese’s historic game) on the Cardinals’ Facebook page and on www.cardinals.com.  In addition, MLB has opened up an online course that parents who are homeschooling their children may find of interest.  I will post the details below my signature.

Even my iPhone knows I miss baseball. My iPhone finally stopped sending calendar appointments to my Apple Watch for upcoming baseball games, even though I hadn’t turned off the notification. It’s like it knew that baseball wasn’t being played right now.  It pierced my heart and made me sad every day when I saw an upcoming game on my watch that wasn’t going to happen, so I’m glad I’m not seeing the appointments for now.  If you would like the Cardinals’ schedule synced to your phone’s calendar, however, go here:  https://www.mlb.com/cardinals/fans/downloadable-schedule, click the Add to Calendar button, then follow the next steps. 

It’s been a long and crazy month, and knowing when baseball will return will make things a lot easier.  This shutdown of baseball (and indeed, the shutdown of society) will be finished sooner if we follow the CDC’s instructions – wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, use hand sanitizer, disinfect surfaces and practice social distancing.  I hope you are physically and emotionally well, despite the fact that there is currently no baseball to enjoy. Thanks as always for reading! See you next time and I hope it’s soon!


P.S:  Here are the details about the online course:

Major League Baseball and EVERFI, the leading social impact education and Official Education Partner of MLB, today announced the widespread availability of the “Summer Slugger” digital education platform to assist some of the 39 million students currently learning at home in the United States and Canada. Parents, legal guardians, and teachers can access the program for students at SummerSlugger.com.

Summer Slugger contains 36 Series (designed to take no longer than 10 minutes to complete) which cover the following educational topics: units of measure, place value, arithmetic, geometry, spelling, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Summer Slugger unlocks activities and offers rewards for progress and consistency along the way. Students engage with content that reinforces key foundational and procedural skills while enjoying the freedom and motivation of digital baseball activity.

Black out the sun (corona)

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the coronavirus that has spread throughout the world.  The World Health Organization finally announced this week that the spread of the coronavirus had turned into a pandemic.  (They were a little slow on the uptake, like most large organizations.)

This pandemic has put the sports world on its ear.  First, the NCAA decided to play March Madness with only essential personnel and close family in the stands. (This reminded me of the MLB game played in Baltimore after the riots there.  You can refresh your memory on that here.) It was reported today that the men and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments have been canceled, along with other winter and spring NCAA championships. Other college tournaments followed suit.  Then the NBA suspended the season after a Utah Jazz player tested positive for the coronavirus.  Like dominoes, the NHL and MLS also suspended their seasons, and other sporting events have been canceled as well. As of this writing, only the XFL is still open for business, although St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson has prohibited gatherings of over 1,000 people, so the Battlehawks may be playing to an empty stadium.

For us baseball fans, the worse news of all came today – MLB has decided to cancel all spring training games starting tomorrow.  The Cardinals played their stadium mates the Marlins today (and won) in what was the last baseball game for a while.  MLB also determined today that the start of the regular season will be delayed at least two weeks.  Since the start of the baseball season has been delayed, will teams have to undergo a second spring training to get back into shape?  And if not, will there be more injuries to players due to the layoff? MLB originally chose March 29th for Opening Day this year so that the World Series wouldn’t be played during the presidential election, but with the delay of the start of the season, that’s a very real possibility.

I’m 58 years old and this is the first time that I can ever remember that all major sports leagues have shut down because of a pandemic.  (Professional sports in the U.S. were closed down for a week after 9/11, but that wasn’t because of a virus.) Since I am a baseball fan. I am very disappointed that I won’t be able to watch baseball for a while, but I feel sorry the most for those whose livelihoods depend on games being played – the vendors and the stadium workers and the businesses who depend on sporting events to bring in business.  The professional athletes and the staff will get paid, of course.  But the stadium and arena workers will not get paid, except for the workers for the NBA Mavericks, since owner Mark Cuban has stated publicly that he will financially assist the arena workers.  Hopefully, more team owners will follow Cuban’s shining example.

It will be so sad to barbecue on a Sunday afternoon without listening to Mike Shannon and John Rooney on KMOX calling a Cardinals game.  It will be so sad to not be able to hear Dan McLaughlin calling the game on FOX Sports Midwest.  What will the sportscasters report on the news and in the newspapers if there are no games to report about?

So now that there are no sports to watch on TV, what will we fans do to fill the time? I guess I’ll be reading more books and watching movies that I haven’t been able to watch.  Maybe I’ll write more blog posts on my other blogs.  Maybe I’ll do some retail therapy.  I sure hope the time passes quickly.  Baseball fans have been waiting all winter for spring and for baseball and now it feels like spring has been delayed too.  I’m praying that we all survive the next few weeks, from the virus and from no sports.  There may not be any new blog posts here for a while, at least until we find out when the season will resume.  If you miss me (aww!), you can follow me on Twitter @Diane1611.

Remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds and take care of yourself! Thanks as always for reading and see you next time, whenever that will be.



The strange exit of Yairo Munoz

Since this blog is a member of the United Cardinals Bloggers, I receive press releases from the Cardinals to use for blog posts if I want to.  I received a press release from the Cardinals yesterday morning discussing the first spring training roster cuts.  There was nothing unusual about that – not every player gets to go up north with the team, and it’s the time of spring training when the first roster cuts occur.

But the last line of the press release made me stop and wonder.  It read, “The team also announced that infielder Yairo Muñoz has been placed on Unconditional Release Waivers.”  What? Didn’t Yairo get hurt running to first base just last week? Why did the Cardinals release him?  There had to be more to the story.

Rob Rains of STL Sports Page was the first to report (at least the first I could find) the reason why Yairo had been released:

What Yairo did to the Cardinals is what’s known as “ghosting.”  Per Merriam-Webster,  the definition of “ghosting” that applies to Yairo’s conduct is: “the act or practice of abruptly cutting off all contact with someone (such as a former romantic partner) by no longer accepting or responding to phone calls, instant messages, etc.”  In the working world, ghosting is when you accept a job offer but don’t show up on your first day or quitting a job without giving notice, which is what Yairo did.

It’s been reported in several sources that Yairo was unhappy with the playing time he got last season and during spring training.  He pulled his hamstring running to first base during the game on February 29. We were watching that game and I told my hubby, “Well, he’ll be out for a while.”

Per Derrick Goold’s article here, Yairo was scheduled for an MRI on the popped hamstring last Thursday, but he didn’t show up for the test.  Yairo didn’t communicate with the front office what his plans were, and the Cardinals decided to release him after learning that he got on a plane and went home to the Dominican Republic (the DR in Rob’s tweet above).

Sadly, this is not the first time that Cardinals players have not communicated with the front office about important things. In 2018, pitcher Ryan Sheriff had Tommy John surgery without advising the front office that he was having surgery. The Cardinals later released Sheriff.

In my opinion, Yairo went about this entirely the wrong way.  If Yairo felt disrespected and thought he wasn’t getting enough playing time, he should have gone to manager Mike Shildt and discussed it with him. Mike would have spoken with him and reassured him about his role with the team.  Instead, Yairo took his glove and went home, which showed disrespect to the team that signed him and gave him a chance to play.  Yairo is now a free agent, but when other teams see how he behaved in this situation, it doesn’t give them much confidence that he will behave well with them.  It will be interesting to see how and where Yairo lands.

I apologize that I haven’t posted in a while.  I recently started a new job, and tying up loose ends at the old job and preparing for the new job didn’t leave me much time or energy to write.  I no longer work two blocks from Busch Stadium, but I still work in downtown St. Louis.  I had to go out to the new firm’s Denver office to do computer training and my Uber driver took me past Coors Field on the way to the hotel I was staying in. If it had been baseball season, I could have gone to a game – Coors Field was only a few blocks from the hotel. To those in the Denver office reading this blog for the first time, thanks for stopping by!

I’m excited that the season starts 3 weeks from tonight and I hope you are too.  Thanks as always for reading!  See you next time!


Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow! (and a special ticket sale)

Tomorrow is a minor holiday on the Cardinals’ calendar.  It’s the official day (2/11/20) that pitchers and catchers report to spring training, even though several pitchers, catchers, and other players have already reported to camp. If you follow Derrick Goold (of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch) and Jeff Jones on Twitter, they have posted photos of the players working out.  It’s so good to see the boys playing ball on the beautiful green fields of the training complex.  Hooray! Baseball is on its way!

You may recall that in a blog post here last month, I mentioned a special ticket deal that was to occur on the day that pitchers and catchers report. So grab your 2020 Cardinals schedule and figure out what Monday-Thursday home games you want to attend at this special low price.  Here are more details on the ticket sale:


$6 Tickets Loaded With $6 Cards Cash for 2020 Monday-Thursday Games On Sale Tomorrow

To celebrate pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training, the St. Louis Cardinals have announced a special 12-hour ticket flash sale beginning tomorrow at 10 AM CT.

Fans can purchase tickets for any Monday—Thursday game (excluding Opening Day) for just $6.  Additionally, each $6 ticket purchased will be pre-loaded with $6 in Cards Cash for fans to use towards concessions or merchandise inside Busch Stadium.

Fans can purchase up to eight of the special $6 tickets per person, per game.  Games available in this special sale include matchups with the Cubs, Dodgers, Nationals, Braves, Phillies, Royals and more.

Tickets will be available at cardinals.com or via phone at 314-345-9000.  Again, this special ticket flash sale will only be available until 10 PM CT on Tuesday, February 11.

For more information, visit cardinals.com/flashsale.

Thanks for reading! See you next time!


2020 Cardinals single-game ticket sales start tomorrow!

Happy Truck Day!  Today is the day that the moving trucks are loaded up with all the Cardinals’ gear to head to Jupiter (the city in Florida, not the planet) for spring training.  Pitchers and catchers report to spring training a week from today, although some players are already working out.  It was great to turn over my Cardinals calendar to February and see games listed on the calendar. Hooray!  Baseball will be back soon!

If you’re excited about baseball starting in just a couple months, I have some good news for you.  Starting tomorrow (if you buy tickets for three games or more), you can purchase single-game tickets for 2020! If you need tickets for just one game, you can start buying those on Friday.  Here are all the details on dates for single-game ticket sales:


Fans Can Buy Single-Game Tickets as Early as Tomorrow by Purchasing 3+ Games

The St. Louis Cardinals have announced that single-game tickets for the 2020 season will go on sale this Friday, February 7, at 10 AM CT.

Fans who wish to purchase tickets to three or more games can take part in a special online-only multi-game ticket sale beginning tomorrow, February 5, at 10 AM CT.

The multi-game and single-game on-sales will be available at cardinals.com.  In addition, tickets for Friday’s single-game on-sale will be available via phone at 314-345-9000 and at the Busch Stadium Box Office on 8th Street.

The Cardinals’ 2020 home schedule features two four-game weekend series versus the Chicago Cubs (July 23-26 & September 10-13), the first visit to Busch Stadium since 2014 by the defending AL East Champion New York Yankees (July 17-19), and a NLCS rematch against the defending World Series Champion Washington Nationals (June 29-July 2).  Featured holiday matchups include games against the New York Mets on Mother’s Day (May 10), Cincinnati Reds on Father’s Day (June 21), and Milwaukee Brewers on Independence Day (Saturday, July 4).  In addition to the Yankees, Busch Stadium will host interleague games with AL East teams including the Baltimore Orioles (April 2, 4-5) and Toronto Blue Jays (June 1-2).  The Redbirds will also host their AL rival, Kansas City Royals, for a two-game set on September 15-16.

This year’s schedule also features over 50 promotional dates for fans of all ages, highlighted by seven bobblehead giveaways and seven replica jersey promotions.  Additional top promos include an Adult Puffy Vest (April 24), a Cardinals Crossbody Purse (May 10), a “YADI” Tumbler (May 29), a Cardinals Belt (June 21), an Ozzie Smith Funko POP! Exclusive, (August 9), and a Cardinals Hockey Sweater (August 14).

The Cardinals will continue to utilize dynamic pricing in 2020 to more accurately price tickets for individual games and provide fans more price options.  In 2019, 88% of games featured tickets available for $10 or less and 52% of games featured tickets at $5 or below. 

Throughout the season, the team will offer great fan-friendly values, including the “Dynamic Deal of the Week” and a host of other offers highlighting outstanding ticket savings for fans at cardinals.com/fanvalues.  A full list of fan-friendly values for the 2020 season follows:

2020 Fan-Friendly Values

  • Budweiser Ballpark Pass: The Budweiser Ballpark Pass delivers a mobile standing room ticket for every home game (except Opening Day) for just $29.99 per month.  Budweiser Ballpark Pass sales will begin in March.
  • KMOX 1120 First Pitch Tickets: At 9 AM CT on the day of each home game, fans may purchase a voucher good for two tickets for just $11.20 ($5.60 per ticket).  Fans redeem their vouchers for actual tickets 15 minutes prior to game time. Tickets may be anywhere in the stadium from Field Box to Standing Room.
  • Nathan’s Famous Family Sundays: On most Sundays, fans who purchase select Pavilion or Terrace level tickets will receive a free Nathan’s jumbo hot dog and Coca-Cola.
  • Prairie Farms Ice Cream Sundays: Two hours prior to each Sunday game, fans can enjoy games, prizes and free Prairie Farms ice cream and North Star frozen treats in Ford Plaza.
  • AAA Discounts Rewards: AAA members receive a $10 discount off tickets on most Monday-Thursday games.
  • Fill Up at Phillips 66: Beginning April 1st, fill up with eight gallons or more at a participating Phillips 66 to receive a special discount ticket offer of up to 50% off many 2020 games.
  • Ticket Packs: Several different 5-game and 10-game ticket packs are available, featuring discounted tickets to 2020’s best promotional giveaways and high demand games.
  • Group Value Nights: Select games throughout the season where groups of 20 or more receive 50% off regular ticket prices.
  • Cards Cash: Stored money built into the barcode of your ticket, good for use at any Busch Stadium concession stand, kiosk or Official Cardinals Team Store.  Fans can add $12 Cards Cash to a ticket for just $10.
  • Outside Food & Drinks at All Games: Busch Stadium is the only St. Louis sports venue where fans may bring in their own food and drinks for all home games (some size and content restrictions apply).

Stay warm and dream of Cardinals baseball!  Thanks for reading and see you next time!


2020 Winter Warm-Up Report Day 3

As Geoffrey Chaucer once wrote, “All good things must come to an end,” and so must Winter Warm-Up.  My son and I got to Winter Warm-Up on day 3 around 9:00 AM.  We stopped by Starbucks again for hot beverages and a snack.

We then went to drop off our coats at the coat check booth.  When I ran into my friend Linda the day before, she offered me an autograph ticket for Cliff Politte since she wouldn’t be there until later and he was signing at 9 AM.  I have to admit, I remembered that he played for the Cards but I couldn’t remember when he played.  I Googled Cliff the night before and discovered from BaseballReference.com that Cliff was drafted by the Cards but only pitched for them for one season in 1998. No wonder I didn’t remember when Cliff played for the Cards. My son was a toddler then and he kept me quite busy.

The number on my autograph ticket was 151.  I thought that I would be stuck at the end of the line, but the friendly Cardinals Care volunteers waved me on through, maybe because it was the last day and there were not many people in Cliff’s line.  I had Cliff autograph a baseball that I bought last year to collect autographs.  Miles Mikolas was sitting right next to him, so I got a great photo of Miles.

Our next stop was the Q&A with Jenifer Langosch, the former Cardinals beat writer who is now the MLB.com Senior Content Manager.  Jenifer gave us details on her life and how she started beat writing.  When she began a family, she decided it was time to move on to another baseball position, since beat writing can be grueling.  She is telecommuting in her new position.  Jenifer showed us the MLB.com website and discussed her job duties.  She showed us a website sponsored by MLB that I had never seen before, BaseballSavant.com. Stat geeks will love this website.  Jenifer then answered everyone’s questions and she would have answered more questions, but the Cardinals Care volunteer said it was time for the next presentation and everyone had to leave.

We had an hour to kill before the next presentation, so we went back to the food area on the second floor and grabbed a sandwich.  We then went to the Team Store again to see if there was any new merchandise and if anything had been marked down further.

The presentation at 12:00 PM is one of our favorite presentations and we go to it every year.  It was titled “2019 – A Year in Photos” and the presenter was Taka Yangimoto, the manager of photography for the Cardinals. Mr. Yangimoto talked about the photography staff and how many photos they take every year (in the thousands).  Photographs are used for ticket stubs, promotions, social media, and many other things.  Mr. Yangimoto then showed a slide show of some of the best photos taken last season.  Sadly, however, Jack Flaherty did not make an appearance like he did last year.

After this presentation, we went back to the Main Stage area.  I wanted to see Yadi and Waino.  Scott Warmann and Brad Thompson were the MC’s on the Main Stage.  Kolten Wong was onstage with Scott and Brad, answering their questions.  Kolten brought his Gold Glove with him for all to see.  He had just received it the night before at the Baseball Writers’ Dinner.  Kolten wore a gold bomber jacket to match his Gold Glove, and he also was wearing glasses, which he explained later were just a fashion statement.  Whew! Kolten was signing at 1 PM, so he went to his appointed seat.

Yadi came out from behind the curtain and everyone applauded, but where was Waino?  It turned out that Waino was still in the media room, and Yadi had to FaceTime Waino to get him to show up for duty.  The son insisted we needed to head over to Busch Stadium for the 2:00 PM stadium tour.  So we went over and got our coats, then we left.  I told the son that it wouldn’t take us that long to walk over to Busch Stadium from the Hyatt, but of course, he insisted it would.

We got to Ballpark Village around 1:30 PM. Since we had time to kill, we visited the Fanatics store and looked around.  After we were done there, we still had time to kill, so we walked through FOX Sports Midwest and went to the Team Store to look around.  I was looking for a Cardinals PopSocket for my cell phone case, but they didn’t sell them there.  We finally left and went to Gate 3, where the tour was to start.

My friend Linda and her friends were on the tour with us.  There were about fifteen people in the tour group.  There were two older gentlemen who were our tour guides (and gentlemen, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry, but I’ve forgotten your names).  Our first stop was the Cardinals Club, where we could see all of the World Series trophies. Joe Medwick’s Triple Crown trophy was in a glass case behind the bar.

After that, we then walked over to the Redbird Club.  The law firm that I work at has season tickets in the Redbird Club, so I’ve been in there before.  The walls of the Redbird Club have paintings of old baseball cards, and the guide explained that the cards pictured on the walls are from Bill DeWitt, Jr.’s personal baseball card collection.

After we were done at the Redbird Club, we proceeded to the KMOX press box.  The guide explained that the press box is one of the biggest in all of Major League Baseball.  The windows in the press box are vertically cantilevered so they can be opened wide.  Mike Shannon likes the windows open no matter what the weather so radio listeners can hear the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat.  Mike doesn’t sit on a regular desk chair during broadcasts – he balances on a large red yoga ball.

After we were done viewing the press box, it was time to go down to the first floor.  Our first stop was the Cardinals Club, for season ticket holders that sit behind home base.  Our tour guide told us the price for a season ticket in this section, that you had to buy a minimum of two season tickets, and that you had to sign a contract to purchase them for 7 years.  I would definitely have to win a big Powerball lottery in order to afford those tickets.

Our next stop was the main attraction, the Cardinals locker room. Winter Warm-Up weekend is the only time during the year where the tour includes the Cardinals locker room and that’s why we decided to take the tour.  I felt like I was walking on hallowed ground when we walked in. The tour guide gave us some information about the locker room and then we had our photos taken by a Cardinals photographer in front of Yadier Molina’s locker.  I’ll post the photo at the end of the post underneath my name.  There’s a copyright on the photo, but I hope the Cardinals don’t mind that I post the photo – it’s free publicity for them to get more people to take the tour next year.

After we were done in the locker room, we went into the dugout.  Here are some photos:

The view of the field from the dugout stairs.

The dugout.

Diane in the dugout

The finish on the dugout bench was very worn, probably from all of the players and coaches sitting on it and spilling liquid on it all season.  I would think that it would be refinished in the spring before the season started.

It was then time to go back inside.  We actually got to walk on the warning track and we went back inside via the steps next to the visiting team’s dugout.

We saw some other things and then it was time for the tour to be over. The photos that were taken in the locker room were available for purchase and of course, we purchased them.  It was a nice souvenir of our tour.  Even though it was a cold day, we really enjoyed our tour.

Now that Winter Warm-Up is over, it’s only a few weeks until pitchers and catchers report. Baseball is just around the corner! Some of the players are already working out at the spring training complex.  They can’t wait for spring training and neither can I.

I’m sorry it took me so long to post this post.  Thanks as always for reading! See you next time!


My 2020 question for Mo

I interrupt my Winter Warm-Up report series to bring you the following.  Once a year, the United Cardinals Bloggers bloggers are invited to submit questions to Cardinals President John Mozeliak.  Mr. Mozeliak then selects questions to answer.  I was honored to have one of my questions answered, and here is my question and Mo’s answer: […]

2020 Winter Warm-Up Report Day 2

My son and I got on the Metrolink train on Sunday morning. I was hoping to see John Brebbia. When we reached the Emerson Park station, however, I realized that I had forgotten my lanyard with my WWU pass on it at home.  So when we got to the 5th & Missouri stop, we got off the train and went back home to get my pass.  Not a good start to the day.

We had left early enough so that even though we were late, we only missed an hour of WWU.  There were no presentations at 9 AM anyway.  We stopped by Starbucks again to get coffee. I texted the lady that had offered me the Yadi Funko Pop and arranged to meet her at 11 AM by the presentation rooms. We cruised through the vendor room again and the Team Store. My son bought an All-Star Game (the 2020 hockey All-Star Game, that is) cap for $20.00.

The only presentation we attended on Sunday was “Negro Leagues Baseball: 100 Years of History” with Dr. Raymond Doswell of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  It was a very interesting presentation.   Dr. Doswell had a movie to show, but due to technical difficulties, it could not be shown.  However, Dr. Doswell told us everything that was in the movie. I learned enough information to make me realize that a road trip to Kansas City to see the museum in person should be in our future. That would be another “Baseball Road Trip” blog post.

After the presentation, I met up with the lady with the Yadi Funko Pop.  It was not one of the gold or platinum Funko Pops but a normal Yadi Funko Pop.  I liked the normal one better anyway.  I thanked her for giving me little Yadi.  I’m not sure where I’m putting little Yadi yet.  I still have a lot of bobbleheads I need to get display shelves for.

I grabbed a sandwich at the snack bar.  After I ate it, we went into the Main Stage area and watched the Q&A with Cards manager Mike Shildt.  Dan McLaughlin and Mike Claiborne were the questioners.  Mike spoke about the cheating situation in Houston, among other topics. Mike was very open and honest and I could see where he gets the reputation for being a good communicator.

The next session in the Main Stage area was a Q&A with Cards GM Mike Girsch. I went to look at stuff at the Team Store because I mistakenly thought the Q&A didn’t start until 1:30 PM.  I got back in time to hear the last question and answer.

After that, my son wanted to go home to watch the Chiefs-Titans football game.  I really wanted to see Jordan Hicks, but my son whined enough that I gave in and we left. One year, I would really like to go to WWU by myself (and maybe just stay at the Hyatt) so I can stay at WWU as long as I want.

I told you all yesterday that this blog post would be shorter than Day 1’s blog post!  LOL!  Thanks for reading! See you next time!



2020 Winter Warm-Up Report Day 1

Winter Warm-Up Weekend is one of my favorite weekends all winter, second only to Christmas weekend.  It’s a sign that spring training is starting soon and that baseball is not that far away.  At WWU, we see the players in person in normal clothes and interacting with the fans.  There are breakout sessions on Cardinals history and other baseball topics.  You can look through all the memorabilia and items that the vendors have for sale, and you can purchase items from the Cardinals Care store and the Team Store outlet store.  Plus, you can make new Cardinals fan friends.

My son and I rode on the 8:02 AM Metrolink train to St. Louis Saturday morning.  We wanted to get to the Hyatt fairly early because there is always a long line to get in on the first day.  When we got on the train, there was a man sitting across from me with a jacket with an STL logo on it.  I looked at him and said, “Has anyone told you that you look remarkably like Danny Cox?”  “That’s because I am Danny Cox,” he replied.  I had to keep my mouth from dropping to the floor.  Danny was signing at WWU at 9:00 and he said that he was riding the train to St. Louis because it was his wife’s birthday and his son was going to pick him up after his session was over so they could spend the day together.  Danny was very nice and personable.  We spoke about baseball in general and about the mess going on in Houston.  While we were riding through the Mecklenburg Forest (off Highway 161), Danny pointed out some deer and some wild turkeys (he’s an avid hunter).  We parted ways after we got off at the 8th and Pine Metrolink station.

I was amazed that there were still so many autograph tickets available for sale.  Harrison Bader’s tickets sold out on the first day they were available last year, but his tickets were still available, along with many other players’ tickets.  All the free autographs tickets were sold out, however.

Our first stop was the coat check booth on the 4th floor.  After we checked our coats, we took a peek into the Main Stage room.  We then went downstairs to the second floor.  All of the Cardinals Hall of Fame breakout sessions offered the first 50 attendees HOF bobbleheads and I remembered from last year that tickets were handed out.  We wanted to attend the 12:00 PM presentation on Ted Simmons and I wanted to see how early we had to be there to get tickets for the 12 PM bobbleheads. The Cardinals Care folks said arriving an hour before would be fine.

After that, we went into the vendors’ room. Phil picked up some Blues hockey cards and an official puck from the banner raising ceremony. I wanted to wait to get to the Team Store and the Cardinals Care store to spend money. The vendor who had the promotional item giveaways for $5.00 in years past raised his price to $15.00 or 2/$25.00.  Rawlings did not have Kolten Wong’s Golden Glove on display like they did Yadi’s last year, and the Louisville Slugger Museum booth was not there either.

We went back to the Presentation area at 10:55 and inquired about the bobblehead tickets for the 12:00 presentation.  Unfortunately, all the tickets were already spoken for.  No bobblehead is worth waiting 2 hours in line for.  We went to the lunch area on the second floor and grabbed some lunch.  We stopped by the Main Stage area and listened to the Q&A with John Mozeliak until it was time to go to the presentation.

The “Ted Simmons:  A Hall of Fame Career” presentation was by Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum historian Brian Finch.  I have reported on Brian’s presentations and if you haven’t been to one before, you’re missing a great time and you’re missing a great Cardinals history learning experience.  Brian had many slides with fascinating information about Ted that he elaborated on.  Some of these slides had photos of Ted that I’d never seen before.

The next presentation I attended (Phil didn’t want to go) was the 2020 Cardinals Marketing & Promotions presentation with Senior Vice President Dan Farrell.  Dan explained the promotions process and then took questions. I asked about whether the Cardinals would ever go to making ladies carry clear purses like the Blues do.  Dan said that that would probably not happen unless the league offices mandated it.  I was slightly disappointed – in years past, the promotional department would show samples of the promotional items that were going to be distributed and Dan didn’t bring any promotional items. There were discussions about sales of promotional items on eBay.  The Funko Pop Yadi Molina giveaway last Labor Day was discussed and I expressed disappointment that it was on Labor Day when we usually go out of town.  After the presentation, a couple of older ladies pulled me to the side and the one lady said she had a couple of extra Yadi Funko Pops and would I like one?  Of course!  We exchanged cell phone numbers and agreed to meet up the next day.

We went back to the vendor area for a while and then went back up to the Main Stage area to see hunky Harrison Bader.  Polo Ascencio and Bengie Molina were on the main stage and those two could have a stand-up routine.  They were hilarious.  When Bengie saw Harrison, he greeted him and said that Harrison knew some Spanish words – tacos, burritos, etc.  The audience and Harrison roared with laughter.

Paul DeJong was supposed to be signing yesterday but he missed his flight. We left at 3 PM to go home and cook an early dinner before we had to come back for the Birds of a Different Game: The ‘80s Cardinals presentation at FOX Sports Midwest Live.

The movie was great.  I encourage you to watch it on MLB Network on January 28, 2020 at 7 PM CST. If you’re a 1980’s Cardinals fan, you will really enjoy it.  The Q&A with Whitey Herzog, John Tudor, Ozzie Smith, and Tommy Herr was also great.  John Tudor in particular complimented the fans, and we applauded him.  The venue, FOX Sports Midwest Live (FSML), was not great, however, and neither were the event organizers.

Tickets to the event were free.  When I clicked through on the Facebook event to order the tickets, it said that the doors opened at 6 PM and that the presentation started at 6:30, which made me assume (mistakenly, I suppose) that it was a private event.  It was not, for when we got to FSML, almost all the tables were full.  In addition, there were several tables with Reserved signs on them. I thought perhaps they were reserved for people who had tickets for the presentation. When we asked about the reserved tables, we discovered that they were reserved for the fight that began at 9 PM.  FSML could have split up the long tables and let people sit at them until after the presentation was over at 8 PM.  Instead, they sat empty the whole time.  We weren’t even allowed to sit our beer bottles on the tables.  A waiter came over to us and told us to remove our beer bottles. Our wristbands (we finally found the booth to check-in) gave us half price drinks until 8 PM  and that was the only thing our wristbands were good for.  If we had been able to sit at a table, we might have ordered more than one drink and we might have even ordered some food.   If I had known that tickets did not equal seats, we would have just walked over from Winter Warm-Up and gotten a table, or I would have called FSML to reserve a table.  My friend who came with us has a torn meniscus and she definitely needed a seat, but we had to stand from 5:50 PM until 8 PM.  This occasion has soured my opinion of FSML to the point that I may never go there again.

I have no more to report on yesterday’s events.  The Day 2 report will be considerably shorter.  LOL!  Thanks for reading! See you next time!



Remember the 1980s Cardinals? Or want to learn more about the running Redbirds?

The calendar has turned to another year and the Cardinals have been busy.  In December, the Cardinals signed free agent LHP Kwang-Hyun Kim. Adolis Garcia was designated for assignment, but then he was then sold to the Rangers.  In January, the Cards traded RF Jose Martinez, LF Randy Arozarena and future considerations (read: draft picks) to Tampa Bay Rays for LHP Matthew Liberatore, C Edgardo Rodriguez and future considerations. Liberatore was one of the Rays’ top prospects.  I can see him replacing Adam Wainwright when he retires. Rodriguez will go to the minor leagues.  But the talk all week has been whether the Cardinals will trade (and who they will trade) for Colorado Rockies 3B Nolan Arenado.  The addition of Arenado would solidify the Cards’ infield.

This weekend is the annual Winter Warm-Up.  If you’re a Cardinals fan and you’ve never had the opportunity to attend, you should.  There are lots of excellent break-out sessions, and of course, you will see lots of Cardinals players live and close up.  There are auctions and presentations on the main stage.  I will post updates on the Warm-Up this weekend (Saturday’s post may be late, for reasons explained below).

Now on to the main reason for this post.  MLB Network Productions has a new movie about the 1980s Cardinals. I saw a lot of Cardinals games during the 1980s (thanks to my friend Lisa) and enjoyed them immensely. Here are all the details on the movie:


MLB Network Presents Documentary Looks Back on How The 1980s St. Louis Cardinals Dominated the National League

Film Features New Interviews with Hall of Famers Whitey Herzog and Ozzie Smith, Plus Keith Hernandez, Bob Costas, Al Michaels, and Jon Hamm

Following a record-setting 2019 season for home runs in Major League Baseball, MLB Network will look back at how the St. Louis Cardinals played a different brand of baseball to dominate the National League in the 1980s in the latest installment of the MLB Network Presents documentary series, titled Birds of a Different Game: The ‘80s Cardinals. Golden Globe Award-winning actor, Missouri native and lifelong Cardinals fan John Goodman will narrate the one-hour program, which will premiere on Tuesday, January 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET. A trailer for Birds of a Different Game: The ‘80s Cardinals is available here.

In new interviews, Hall of Fame Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog and Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith, five-time All-Star Keith Hernandez, and former Cardinals Tom Herr, Ken Oberkfell, Terry PendletonJohn Tudor and Andy Van Slyke each describe how the 1980s Cardinals used electrifying speed, outstanding defense, and strong pitching to win three NL pennants and the 1982 World Series championship.

The film highlights how the Cardinals’ style of play, which was nicknamed “Whitey Ball” after Herzog’s managerial style, saw them take advantage of the artificial turf and cavernous outfield at Busch Memorial Stadium to lead the NL in stolen bases for seven consecutive seasons from 1982 – 1987, finish first in NL team fielding percentage in eight different seasons and finish top five in NL team ERA in five different seasons.

2018 Ford C. Frick Award winner Bob Costas, 2007 J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner Rick Hummel, award-wining broadcaster Al Michaels, Emmy award-winning actor and diehard Cardinals fan Jon Hamm, and longtime author and Cardinals historian Doug Feldmann discuss the impact the Cardinals’ 1980s turnaround made on the city of St. Louis as Busch Memorial Stadium became a “sea of red” and fans came to the ballpark in record-setting fashion. Signature moments of the Cardinals’ run are highlighted throughout the film, including the 1982 World Series victory against the Milwaukee Brewers in seven games; Ozzie Smith’s famous walk-off home run to win Game Five of the 1985 NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Don Denkinger’s infamous blown call in Game Six of the 1985 World Series that changed the course of the Cardinals’ matchup against the Kansas City Royals.

And if you can’t wait until January 28 to see this movie, I have great news for you.  MLB Network is premiering this movie Saturday night (1/18/20) at FOX Sports Midwest Live at Ballpark Village at 6:30 PM.  The movie will be shown, and then there will be a question and answer session with Whitey Herzog, Ozzie Smith, Tommy Herr, and my favorite pitcher from the 1980s, John Tudor. You know darn well that I will be there.  Admission is free, but you must have a ticket, and you can get them here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/birds-of-a-different-game-the-80s-cardinals-tickets-89306264441?aff=FBevent&fbclid=IwAR251hH6w-CaXU5hOZVRt_nal-8LfM0GLiHlFusoJaOFmLU4_310BxrRV4E  The doors open at 6 PM, so get there early to get a good seat! If you see me at Winter Warm-Up or at the movie premiere, please feel free to come up and say hi! I would love to meet those who read this blog.

That’s all for now! Thanks as always for reading!