My 2020 question for Mo

I interrupt my Winter Warm-Up report series to bring you the following.  Once a year, the United Cardinals Bloggers bloggers are invited to submit questions to Cardinals President John Mozeliak.  Mr. Mozeliak then selects questions to answer.  I was honored to have one of my questions answered, and here is my question and Mo’s answer:

WWLCB:  Marcell Ozuna has turned down the Cardinals’ qualifying offer since he is looking for a multi-year deal. Should the Cardinals not come to terms with Ozuna, will the Cardinals look to internal options to replace him in left field, or will the Cardinals trade for or pick up a free agent left fielder?

JM:  On any question concerning a free agent or trade, weighing on it is always very dangerous because then you open up the door to having to comment on every rumor or potential player that’s a free agent or potential trade. Rather than get into that, I’d say we like our club and we’re certainly looking at all opportunities. If there’s areas that we feel we can get stronger, we want to pursue it.

And as we look to the depth that we have in our outfield, part of the reason behind trading José Martínez and Randy Arozarena was to clear up some of the depth there and allow for more opportunities for others. Right now we’re very comfortable with what we have in our outfield, but that’s not to say we’re not open to other ideas.

This question was posed to Mo in December.  Tonight, it was announced that Marcell Ozuna was signed to a one year, $18 million dollar deal with the Braves.  I guess I was pretty prescient with my question, huh?

Other members of the UCB have had their questions answered by Mo, but the only one who has published their answer is UCB head honcho Daniel Shoptaw.  Here’s the link to his blog post:

There is some good news:  former Cardinals outfielder Larry Walker was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame today in his last year of eligibility.  Congratulations to Larry, who will probably wear a Rockies cap on his plaque. Oh yeah, and Derek Jeter was also elected to the HOF today.  Larry will enter the Hall with Jeter, Cardinals great Ted Simmons, and the late Marvin Miller, the players’ union president who changed baseball.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my Winter Warm-Up Report.  Thanks for reading! See you next time!



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