2020 Winter Warm-Up Report Day 2

My son and I got on the Metrolink train on Sunday morning. I was hoping to see John Brebbia. When we reached the Emerson Park station, however, I realized that I had forgotten my lanyard with my WWU pass on it at home.  So when we got to the 5th & Missouri stop, we got off the train and went back home to get my pass.  Not a good start to the day.

We had left early enough so that even though we were late, we only missed an hour of WWU.  There were no presentations at 9 AM anyway.  We stopped by Starbucks again to get coffee. I texted the lady that had offered me the Yadi Funko Pop and arranged to meet her at 11 AM by the presentation rooms. We cruised through the vendor room again and the Team Store. My son bought an All-Star Game (the 2020 hockey All-Star Game, that is) cap for $20.00.

The only presentation we attended on Sunday was “Negro Leagues Baseball: 100 Years of History” with Dr. Raymond Doswell of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  It was a very interesting presentation.   Dr. Doswell had a movie to show, but due to technical difficulties, it could not be shown.  However, Dr. Doswell told us everything that was in the movie. I learned enough information to make me realize that a road trip to Kansas City to see the museum in person should be in our future. That would be another “Baseball Road Trip” blog post.

After the presentation, I met up with the lady with the Yadi Funko Pop.  It was not one of the gold or platinum Funko Pops but a normal Yadi Funko Pop.  I liked the normal one better anyway.  I thanked her for giving me little Yadi.  I’m not sure where I’m putting little Yadi yet.  I still have a lot of bobbleheads I need to get display shelves for.

I grabbed a sandwich at the snack bar.  After I ate it, we went into the Main Stage area and watched the Q&A with Cards manager Mike Shildt.  Dan McLaughlin and Mike Claiborne were the questioners.  Mike spoke about the cheating situation in Houston, among other topics. Mike was very open and honest and I could see where he gets the reputation for being a good communicator.

The next session in the Main Stage area was a Q&A with Cards GM Mike Girsch. I went to look at stuff at the Team Store because I mistakenly thought the Q&A didn’t start until 1:30 PM.  I got back in time to hear the last question and answer.

After that, my son wanted to go home to watch the Chiefs-Titans football game.  I really wanted to see Jordan Hicks, but my son whined enough that I gave in and we left. One year, I would really like to go to WWU by myself (and maybe just stay at the Hyatt) so I can stay at WWU as long as I want.

I told you all yesterday that this blog post would be shorter than Day 1’s blog post!  LOL!  Thanks for reading! See you next time!



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