A WWLCB visit to Santa Claus

I felt a little awkward standing in line with all the kids and their parents.  My kids have long since grown and I have no grandchildren to take to visit Santa. But surely as long as I still believed in Santa, he would listen to my gift requests and take care of them, wouldn’t he?   I was about to find out.

(I step forward to see Santa.)

Santa (SC):     Ho ho ho! Who’s next?

WWLCB (DMS):   (smiles) Hello Santa!

SC:            You’re a little tall to sit on my lap, I believe.

DMS:         (giggles) Yes, I am.  I’ll just kneel right here.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back up when I’m done.

SC:            Ho ho ho! I know about that.  My old bones and joints need a couple of days rest after I deliver all those presents on Christmas Eve.  So, what would you like for Christmas, young lady?

DMS:         Bless your heart, Santa. I haven’t been a young lady for years, but I’ll take that compliment.  Actually, I don’t need anything for myself.  I have a few requests about the St. Louis Cardinals, however.

SC:             Cardinals baseball?  We tried to play baseball at the North Pole, but the snowballs fell apart as soon as we hit them.  But I do enjoy watching baseball on TV.  I have MLB.TV and all the games are out-of-market so I can watch them all.  What are your requests?

DMS:        (pulls out a list from her pocket) Here we go.

Harrison Bader needs to learn how to hit.  He has great speed on the base paths, and he is an elite centerfielder, but his hitting needs improvement.

Speaking of hitting, the Cards’ bats have been really anemic, especially during the playoffs.  They had games where they would score lots of runs and then the next game, they would hardly score at all.  The hitting needs to be more consistent.

It appears that Marcell Ozuna will not be returning to the Cardinals next season.  I would like to request a quality left fielder as his replacement without the loss of too many prospects or money.

Matt Carpenter’s throwing arm needs a rejuvenation.  I cringe every time he throws to first base.

Carlos Martinez needs to get his shoulder strong enough to rejoin the starting rotation.  And while we’re at it, please give him the ability to not get the jitters in case of a pitching mistake.  He can be too emotional.

Santa, could the Cardinals please win their 12th World Series in 2020?  It’s been almost 10 years since the Cards have won a World Series.  We miss championship baseball in St. Louis.

Last but not least, could you please contact the Modern Era Committee of the Baseball Hall of Fame and get Ted Simmons elected to the Hall of Fame?  I wrote 3 blog posts to the Modern Era Committee and he only missed getting in by one vote last time.  I worry about Ted – I’ve seen him lately and he doesn’t look well.  He needs to be elected to the Hall of Fame before something happens to him.  If Ted does get elected, I need money to attend the induction ceremony.

(The kids in the line are starting to get whiny since I’m taking too long talking to Santa.)

SC:          (chuckles) My goodness, that’s a very long list.  And your requests are very specific. I can’t promise you everything, but I will do my very best to do what I can to make your Christmas very merry.  (Santa reaches into a basket.)  Everyone who sees Santa gets a candy cane and you are no exception.  Merry Christmas Diane!

DMS:       (gets up slowly from her knees) Wait, I didn’t tell you my name.  How did you know –

SC:           Ho ho ho!  Merry Christmas! (Santa’s elf escorts me to the door and I exit.)

Would you like to be Santa’s helper for some good girls and boys?  The Cardinals will be holding their fourth annual gift drive this Wednesday, December 4, 2019, from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  You can drop off an unwrapped toy or a gift card at the ticket windows on the 8th Street side of Busch Stadium.  You can drive up and Santa’s helpers will come to your car window to pick up your toy/gift card. In reward for your generosity, you will receive a cup of hot chocolate and a gift from the Cardinals – last year, the gift was a Marty pass, which grants the recipient two free tickets to a Cardinals game from Monday through Thursday, with some exceptions. A portion of the toys and gift cards will be given out by Fredbird during Breakfast with Santa at Scott Air Force Base, hosted by the American Red Cross.  The remaining gifts will be distributed to select Cardinals Care partner agencies including Angels’ Arms, Annie Malone Children & Family Service Center, Southside Early Childhood Center, The James Project, Youth in Need and Marygrove throughout the holiday season. A win-win for you and for the kids! For more information, go here:  cardinals.com/giftdrive.

I hope Santa brings you what you want for Christmas! Thanks as always for reading! See you next time!