A heartfelt letter to the Modern Baseball Era Committee, Part 3

Diane Schultz, Founder


November 14, 2019

Modern Era Committee
National Baseball Hall of Fame
25 Main Street
Cooperstown, NY  13326

Re:    Ted Lyle SimmonsSimba1
Position:  Catcher
Teams:    St. Louis Cardinals, 1968-1980
Milwaukee Brewers, 1981-1985
Atlanta Braves, 1986-1988

Dear Committee Members:

I previously wrote two blog posts to you in 2017 when the Modern Era Committee last met to convince you to place Ted Simmons on the Modern Era Committee ballot and to elect him to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  To refresh your memories, you can find these posts here and here.  Sadly, however, Mr. Simmons missed being elected to the Hall of Fame by only one vote. So close and yet so far!  I was pleased to see, however, that Mr. Simmons was one of the nominees on the 2019 Modern Era Committee ballot.

The purpose of this letter is to further convince the Committee that Mr. Simmons is a worthy candidate for immortality in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I went into great detail in my previous two letters as to Mr. Simmons’ statistics and numbers and I would refer you to those letters to review.  Those numbers are concrete and cannot be changed.

Per an article here, Mr. Simmons is in second place for the most RBIs by a catcher and first place is held by none other than Yogi Berra.  Mr. Simmons drove in more runs than Johnny Bench, Mike Piazza, and Ivan Rodriguez, who are all already immortals.   Mr. Simmons also finished second in doubles at his position, with Mr. Rodriguez in first place.  Mr. Simmons was also a switch hitter, which makes him a rarity among catchers. Mr. Simmons’ hitting prowess won him the Silver Slugger in 1980, and he was also an eight-time All-Star.

Mr. Simmons also has longevity on his side.  He played for 20 years, from 1968 to 1988.  Being a catcher is rough on a player’s body.  Just ask Yadier Molina, my other favorite Cardinals catcher, who has played for 15 years as of this writing.  Only two more catchers have played more games than Mr. Simmons – Carlton Fisk and Ivan Rodriguez.

Although not a statistic used during Mr. Simmons’ career, his Wins Above Replacement (WAR) has been calculated at 50.3, which makes him one of nine catchers with a WAR over 50. All of the other catchers have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame. It is past time for Mr. Simmons to join his fellow catchers in the Hall.  The Hall of Fame catchers’ fraternity needs a new member.

By my calculations, the next Modern Era Committee will be meeting in 2021.  Mr. Simmons is currently 70 years old.  Please induct him into the Baseball Hall of Fame while he’s still living so he can enjoy the ceremony.  If Mr. Simmons’ speech at his Cardinals Hall of Fame induction ceremony is any indication (you can read about that here) is any indication, his Hall of Fame induction speech will be very entertaining and exciting.

Mr. Simmons is already a member of the Cardinals Hall of Fame.  I and Mr. Simmons’ other fans would rejoice at the opportunity to witness Mr. Simmons’ induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  I will be awaiting the results of the Modern Era Committee’s election on December 8 and if Mr. Simmons is selected, it will be one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received.  I will then start making plans to attend Mr. Simmons’ induction in person, even if I have to max out my credit cards to do so.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of Mr. Simmons for the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Please accept my best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

                                                                                                  Very truly yours,

                                                                                                  /s/ Diane M. Schultz

                                                                                                  Diane M. Schultz


“The case ‘for’ and ‘against Simmons for HOF,” Sarah Langs, https://www.mlb.com/cardinals/news/ted-simmons-hall-of-fame-case

“Ted Simmons,” Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Simmons

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