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The World Series started this week, but as you know, the Cardinals are not playing in it.  The juggernaut known as the Washington Nationals swept the Cardinals in 4 games.  The Cards’ bats tried to get hot in game 4, but it was too little, too late.  The Cards’ bats appeared to still be in Atlanta after game 5, in which they scored 13 runs.  Like many of the series in the regular season, the Cards overscored in one game and didn’t score many, if any runs, the next few games.  The Cardinals’ stellar defense and great pitching got them to the NLCS, but the lack of hitting caused them not to get to the World Series.  I was so hoping for a St. Louis Stanley Cup and a World Series title in the same year.  Maybe next year?

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend two games during the playoffs.  As mentioned in my last blog post, I was given two tickets to NLDS Game 4.  I also was able to attend Game 1 of the NLCS in St. Louis, which is the first NLCS game I have ever attended.  I won tickets from T-Mobile, my cell phone provider.  That was a mighty cold evening, and although the box seats were great, the Cardinals lost.

I don’t feel so bad that the Nationals swept the Cards, after seeing how they are beating up on the Astros.  Speaking of the Astros, I’m sure you’ve heard about the controversy concerning now-former assistant general manager Brandon Taubman.  For those who missed it, after the Astros won the ALCS, Taubman was in a room with three women reporters, one of which was Sports Illustrated reporter Stephanie Apstein. He shouted, “Thank God we got Osuna. I’m so f___ glad we got Osuna!” Osuna, of course, is Roberto Osuna, who served a 75 game suspension for assaulting his girlfriend. One of the reporters was wearing a purple domestic violence bracelet.  To make matters worse, the Astros’ front office waffled and tried to sweep the incident under the rug.  Apparently, the Astros have finally come to their senses and have fired Taubman. More details about this incident can be found in the article here.  I’m sure glad Jeff Luhnow left the Cardinals.  Now if only he had been smart enough to change his password when he got to Houston, the Cards wouldn’t have had to go through Hackergate.  This is the 21st century. Women reporters and bloggers are in locker rooms and clubhouses now and men really need to act like gentlemen and watch how they talk.  Teams need to own up to what their employees are doing and saying and take prompt action when things go bad rather than deny them and try to blame the victims.

Now for some good news!  The Gold Glove finalists were announced today and the Cardinals have the most finalists of all the National League teams.  The Cardinals’ Gold Glove finalists are Yadier Molina, Paul Goldschmidt, Kolten Wong, Paul DeJong, Harrison Bader, and surprisingly, Jack Flaherty.  This is a reflection of the Cards’ shining defense.  I think Yadi and Kolten are shoo-ins for the Gold Glove.  The Platinum Glove finalists should be announced in the next few days.

Well, I think I’ve said enough for now.  Since this is the off-season, I won’t be blogging as much as during the season.  Thanks as always for reading! See you next time!




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