Hey ESPN – why won’t you talk about the Cards?

MicrophoneThe ESPN crew came to St. Louis to broadcast last evening’s Cards-Cubs game.  But the ESPN crew acted like only the Cubs were there. Hello, ESPN – there was another team in last night’s game.  But you sure wouldn’t have known it by watching the game.

The whole ESPN broadcast last night was a Cubs lovefest.  ESPN spoke with Joe Madden, while Mike Matheny wasn’t even spoken to and barely mentioned.  Between innings, the ESPN team started talking about Kris Bryant.  The game resumed and they were still talking about Kris Bryant.  We didn’t know what was happening in the game.  When the game starts, go back to the game!  Otherwise, why broadcast the game at all?  This season, the Cardinals have many players deserving of a few minutes of ESPN’s time to tell their stories to a national audience, but none were given.  Stephen Piscotty was mentioned, but only because SportsCenter was running a special after the game about Stephen and his mother, who suffered from ALS.

There was no mention of the storied rivalry between the Cubs and the Cards at all, which is probably the reason that ESPN broadcast this game.  There was a brief mention of Yadier Molina’s horrific injury during Saturday’s game (please get well soon, Yadi, and do listen to your doctors!).  I realize the Cubs won a World Series a couple of years ago, and the Cards haven’t won one since 2011.  But the Cards have won 9 more World Series than the Cubs (and the World Series wins weren’t over 100 years apart either).

What ESPN also failed to mention was that the Cardinals are currently in first place in the National League Central.  Chicago is currently in fourth place.  I can maybe see being all lovey- dovey over the Cubs if they were in first place, but they are not.

I can only imagine how the ESPN team reacted to Dexter Fowler’s hitting the walk-off home run in the 14th inning to win the game and sweep the Cubs, since it was 1 AM and I was already in bed.  But given the rest of the evening’s coverage, I’m sure it was less than enthusiastic.  They probably focused more on Justin Heyward not catching the ball than the Fowler home run.

Unfortunately, Cards fans should be used to the Cardinals being ignored by the national media by now.  ESPN’s non-coverage is doing a real disservice to Cardinals fans who live in other areas of the United States.  Unless they purchase MLB.TV, or live close enough to another major league stadium that the Cards play in, they have no chance to watch the Cards play live.  A national broadcast gives them that opportunity.  Let’s hope that ESPN shapes up by July 29, their next broadcast of a Cards-Cubs game.

I mentioned Stephen Piscotty and his mother earlier in this post.  Sadly, Gretchen Piscotty died today at the young age of 55 from ALS.  My prayers and condolences are with Stephen and all of the Piscotty family.  If you would like to contribute to ALS research in honor of Mrs. Piscotty, click here Mother’s Day is this Sunday – if your mother is still alive, give Mom a call and tell her that you love her (and send her flowers!), or better yet, spend some time with her.  Mom carried you around in her womb for 9 months and raised you up right, so the least you can do is say thanks and tell her you love her.  Husbands, don’t forget to do nice things for your wives who gave birth to those kids and trained them up right.

That’s all for now! Thanks as always for reading! See you next time!


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