Yadi’s contract extension – my thoughts


TO:                  John Mozeliak and William DeWitt, III

DATE:            March 21, 2017

FROM:            Women Who Love Cardinals Baseball

RE:                  Yadier Molina’s contract extension



As you know, Yadier Molina’s contract is up for extension at the end of the season.  It is my understanding that negotiations have begun.  Could we get this deal done soonest, preferably before the season starts?  Yadi deserves to play without having to worry about his contract all season.  The fans deserve not to have to worry when they go to a game whether this is the last season they will see Yadi in a Cardinals uniform.  Sure, Yadi has an option for 2018, but why make him wait that long? To make a great Opening Night even better, you could announce that Yadi’s contract extension has been taken care of.

It would be heartbreaking for Yadi to be seen in any other uniform but a Cardinals uniform (especially a Cubs uniform). Yadi is one of the few players in recent years to still be with the team that drafted him.  Please let Yadi retire a Cardinal and don’t let him walk.

I shouldn’t have to remind you about Yadi’s importance and contributions to the team, but I will.  Yadi has many deserved accolades – eight consecutive Gold Gloves, four Platinum Gloves, one Silver Slugger and he is also a 7 time All-Star.  He played in 83 consecutive playoff games. Yadi has also broken the Cardinals’ all-time games caught record.  He is the best defensive catcher in the game.  His passion for the game, as seen recently in the World Baseball Classic, is contagious.  His pitch calling is second to none, and his batting average has improved over the years as well.

Yadi is not asking for much time wise, only 3 more years.  He’s not asking for 10 years, like Albert did.  He will be 37 years old at the end of this contract extension. Like a fine wine, Yadi is only getting better as he gets older.  Should Yadi need a day or two of rest (or God forbid, he gets injured again), Eric Fryer is a more than competent backup catcher.

Carson Kelly, Yadi’s successor, is probably anxious for Yadi to retire.  But the young grasshopper must wait patiently. Yadi’s shoes will be hard to fill, so Carson needs to learn all he can so that he can be ready when the time comes for him to step into Yadi’s position.

Mo and Mr. DeWitt, as a Cardinals blogger and a lifelong Cardinals fan, I implore you:  make Yadi a Cardinal for life.  Then 5 years after Yadi retires, he will be voted into both the Cardinals Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame, for Yadi is one of the best catchers in modern times and he deserves to join the immortals.  When Yadi is inducted into the Cardinals Hall of Fame,  being the emotional woman I am, I will cry buckets, just like I did when Ted Simmons was inducted.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Diane Schultz

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