Homesick blues – a tough love letter to the Cardinals players

love-letterHello, boys. It’s been a while since I’ve written to you. I write because the end of the season is almost upon us, and the remaining games of the season are at home.  Unfortunately, you all have played much better on the road than at home, which puzzles me, and others, I’m sure, greatly.

As you also know, there is a tight race for the wild card right now and the Cards are still in the thick of it.  If you all had won more games at home, the Cubs would not have clinched the division.  I must move past that, however, and state that if you all want to be in the playoffs, you all must win some, if not all, of these final games.

It’s been a tough season to be a Cardinals fan.  At times, you all play like the team we know and love.  At other times, however, you all played like a beer softball league team, which was quite frustrating.  You all have a chance in this final week of the regular season to finish strong and get momentum to get into the playoffs.  Do you all want to be in the playoffs?

I will be at Busch Stadium tomorrow evening for what is probably my last game of the season (unless I am lucky enough to get other tickets somehow for this week), along with a friend of mine who has never been to a game in Busch Stadium III. Please give us a good game, guys, and better yet, a win.  Jaime Garcia, please be Good Jaime tomorrow night and not Bad Jaime.  Guys, please let us see more regular hits, although the home runs are nice.

Guys, let’s beat the Cubs tonight and come back home ready to finish the season strong. Hopefully, the next letter I write to you will be in the playoffs. It’s time to post this letter and watch the game.

Love always,


P.S.:  Aledmys Diaz, my condolences and prayers to you on the loss of your childhood friend Jose Fernandez.  It reminds me so much of Oscar Tavares.


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