Q&A with Cardinals GM John Mozeliak – Part 2

UCB_11For the second year in a row, Cardinals GM John Mozeliak has graciously answered questions from various United Cardinals Bloggers writers. Many thanks to Lindsey Weber of the Cardinals’ communication department for assisting in this opportunity to pick Mo’s brain.

There were 60 questions asked by the bloggers.  I had two questions, but only one got answered, probably because there were so many questions. Here is my question, with Mo’s response:

WWLCB:  As we all know, baseball has a long regular season and then, if a team has a good enough record, a long postseason as well. One reason the offense suffered in 2015 may have been the lack of scheduled days off for the non-injured starting lineup. Will there be more of an effort made to give the starting lineup scheduled days off during the 2016 season?

Mo: That’s an interesting question and I’m not exactly sure if that’s a chicken and the egg situation. I think being more proactive on creating a balanced team to where you can give Yadi an extra day, or Matt Holliday, Matt Carpenter, Peralta; the fact that we’re naming names means it’s probably a good strategy. I think that’s something that Mike and his staff are going to be very conscious of.

If you would like to see the other questions that Mo answered, you can go to United Cardinals Bloggers to see the other posts.

The winter meetings start this week, so hopefully Mo will do some wheeling and dealing to pick up some players for the Cards.  My next post will be the annual WWLCB Holiday Gift Guide, so look for that.  Until next time, thanks for reading!


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