It’s time for the 2015 Cardinals Blogger Award ballot!

UCB_11While you’re waiting for the 2016 season to begin, you can think about and vote for what Cardinals blogs (hopefully this one) you’ve enjoyed and podcasts you enjoyed this past season.  You can also think about and vote for your favorite players and favorite games as well.

The Blogger Awards are split into two parts, On-Field Awards and Blog Awards.   Click this link to vote on the ballot.  Here is a preview of the ballot, to get you thinking about how you’re going to vote:

On-Field Awards:

1.  Cardinal Player of the Year

Matt Carpenter
Jason Heyward
Jhonny Peralta
Stephen Piscotty

2.  Cardinal Pitcher of the Year
Jaime Garcia
John Lackey
Carlos Martinez
Trevor Rosenthal

3. Game of the Year

May 31 vs. LAD (Martinez pitches on OT Day)
August 31 vs. WAS (five run rally)
September 9 vs. CHC (Piscotty caps rally)
September 20 vs. CHC (Heyward throws out Rizzo)
September 28 vs. PIT (Scoreless into 9th)
September 28 vs. PIT (Scoreless into 9th)

4. Surprise Cardinal Player of the Year

John Lackey
Stephen Piscotty
Trevor Rosenthal

5. Disappointing Cardinal Player of the Year

Peter Bourjos
Jon Jay
Brandon Moss

6. Cardinal Rookie of the Year

Mitch Harris
Tommy Pham
Stephen Piscotty

7. Acquisition of the Year

Jonathan Broxton
Steve Cishek
Jason Heyward
Brandon Moss

8. Most Anticipated Cardinal

Anthony Garcia
Michael Ohlman
Alex Reyes
Luke Weaver

9. Biggest Cardinal Injury

Matt Adams
Matt Holliday
Carlos Martinez
Adam Wainwright

Blog Awards

10. Cardinal Blog of the Year, One Writer Only

Your answer

11. Cardinal Blog of the Year, Two or More Writers

Your answer

12. Best Media Coverage

Derrick Goold
Jenifer Langosch
Bernie Miklasz
Rob Rains

13. Best Rookie Cardinal Blog

Me and Willie McGee
The Redbird Retreat
Other :

14. Post of the Year

Are the Cardinals Supposed To Be Scared? (
Talking Twitter With the Cards (C70 At The Bat)
In Defense of Mike Matheny (KSDK)
Carlos Martinez, Human Tsunami (The Redbird Retreat)
Why Billy Southworth Managed Cardinals With Heavy Heart (RetroSimba)

15. Best UCB Podcast

Best Dans in Baseball
Bird Seeds (video cast)
Conversations with C70
Gateway to Baseball Heaven
STL CardGals
Talking About Birds
UCB Radio Hour
Other :

16. Best Non-UCB Podcast

Best Podcast in Baseball
Cubs Cards Cast
St. Louis Cardinals Extras (
Viva El Birdos

17. Best Cardinal Podcaster (one name)

Your answer

18. Best Cardinal Twitterer

Your answer

Just in case you missed the link, here it is:  Hey, don’t forget to vote for me!  My Twitter handle is @Diane1611.  If you want to see the winners of the Awards, you can go to

Thanks for reading! See you  next time!


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