August 2015 UCB Project – Cardinals Theme Night

UCB_11The United Cardinals Blogger project for August is to create a Cardinals theme night. Now there have been some strange theme nights lately (Grateful Dead Night?  Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day? Huh?), so we thought we would help the Cardinals’ promotional department with some suggestions for new theme nights.

My theme night suggestion is “Back to the ‘60’s Night.” Those of us who were alive then will remember that the 1960’s were tumultuous times. But there were lots of good things going on as well, both for the Cardinals (like 2 World Series championships) and for St. Louis.

Music:  Before the game and between innings, classic 1960’s songs should be played over the PA system.  Some of my suggestions are “Get Off of My Cloud” by the Rolling Stones, “Turn Turn Turn” by the Byrds, and “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan.  There was plenty of good music during the ‘60’s, so the promotions department should be able to find other music to play.  If they get stuck, all they have to do is talk to John Ulett, the Cards’ PA announcer, since he worked at KSHE Real Rock Radio.

For the National Anthem, Jimi Hendrix’s version of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” could be played instead of the organ.  You can’t quite sing to it, but it fits the ‘60’s theme.

The players could wear ‘60’s throwback uniforms. These could also be sold in the team store, providing another revenue stream.  In lieu of throwback uniforms, the logo on the front of the uniform could be in red, white and blue tie-dye, like the uniforms with the camouflage logos.

Theme night promotional item:  A tie-dye T-shirt, of course! This shirt will have a Cardinals logo and Back to the ‘60’s Night printed in white on the front. Here is my design for the shirt (sorry for the crookedness of the designs – my gluing skills aren’t the best):


(Peace, love and baseball, for those who don’t know what that first symbol is.)

Between innings, slides could be prepared for each year of the ‘60’s, i.e., first inning, 1961; second inning, 1962, etc.  The slide at the top of the inning would be Cardinals history for that year.The background would be tie-dye or paisley. I would have made slides, but I couldn’t find a background I liked. For example, the slide before the sixth inning could read:


On May 12, the first game was held at Busch Memorial Stadium (Busch Stadium II)

(Insert photo of Busch Stadium II)

The slide before the bottom half of the sixth inning could read:


The Beatles made their only St. Louis appearance at Busch Stadium on August 21, 1966.

(Insert photo of the Beatles at Busch Stadium)

Another interesting slide that could be shown before the game would be a list of ballpark items and what they cost in the 1960’s, such as ticket prices, scorecard prices, beer prices, and food prices.

As for the Kiss Cam and Nae Nae fan participation, the technology at Busch Stadium wasn’t there for that in the 60’s, so they would be not be held on Back to the ‘60’s Night. I’m sure some fans would approve.  The Clarkson Eye Care game could be guess the 1960’s player.

Back to the ’60’s Night would be a groovy night of peace, love and baseball.  (But no mind altering drugs allowed, just alcohol.) Far out!

Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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