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Foot(with apologies to Monty Python) This has been a bizarre season, to say the least.  First, the Cards lose Adam Wainwright for the year due to an Achilles tendon tear.  Next, the Cards lose Matt Adams after a Grade 4 tear to his right quad. Jordan Walden is also on the DL. Then Matt Holliday went on the DL with a tear of his right quad, but thankfully, not as severe as Adams’ tear.  Lance Lynn suffered some discomfort in his right forearm and was put on the DL, but he should return soon.  And now Rosenthal is suffering some arm tightness, so he has not been available out of the bullpen the last couple of days.

But even though the team has had all these injuries, the players that are uninjured have banded together and played hard. As of today, the Cardinals still have the best record in the majors.  This is no doubt due to excellent managing by Mike Matheny.

The cap on this bizarre season, however, is the news that the Cardinals are under investigation by the FBI for allegedly hacking into the Houston Astros’ database system by using some of Jeff Luhnow’s old computer passwords. Twitter and Facebook were blown up by comments and tweets.  Here are my thoughts, for what they’re worth.

First, why didn’t Luhnow change his passwords when he went to the Astros?  At the law firm I work at, your password has to be changed every 45 days. The Cardinals obviously had Luhnow’s passwords, but when he built the new database for the Astros, he should have set up new passwords.  If he had, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

Second, if some of the Cardinals’ personnel suspected that Luhnow had taken the database and the other proprietary information with him to the Astros, why didn’t they go to Cardinals’ upper management and report their suspicions?  It could have then been investigated through the proper channels, rather than using Luhnow’s passwords on a computer in someone’s basement (as I read about earlier, but unfortunately, I can’t find the article now).

Third, why hack the Astros?  If it were disgruntled Cardinals employees who were upset with Luhnow, that could have been handled as per point 2 above. I could think of other teams more worthy to hack than the Astros, however.

Let’s not rush to judgment until we have all the information. There is limited information at this time, so we can’t rush to judgment against the Cardinals’ front office if indeed they had anything to do with this or knew about it in any way.  The Cardinals players, manager, and coaches knew nothing about this until the news broke and they had nothing to do with this, so let’s keep on supporting them and loving them. Unfortunately, hacking is a Federal offense, so harsh punishment, which includes prison time and heavy fines will be the result of this investigation.

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  1. Some good thoughts,but let’s not blame anyone other than ourselves. Thought our GM had some good comments earlier today. This is not the Cardinal way and the people involved need to be dealt with regardless of the FBI or MLB. Do agree that we need to reserve judgement until all the facts are known. What I don’t what to hear is that the organization or people involved were not cooperating, ie. Brady and/or NE management.


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