The 2014 WWLCB Holiday Gift Guide

Cardinals WorkshopToday is Black Friday, so it’s the most appropriate day for me to publish my annual holiday gift giving guide.  If your gift recipients are Cardinals fans, there is a wide selection of presents you can give them (or yourself).  The question, then, is what kind of Cardinals present to give.  Hopefully, this post will help you make the right selection.  If you click on the name of the item, you’ll be taken to the web page where you can purchase the item.

The Executive (or anyone who works behind a desk):

Every office worker needs desk accessories, so why can’t they be Cardinals accessories? (Unless, of course, the place where your gift recipient works is picky about the appearance of their workers’ desks.)

Cardinals desk calendar – Every desk needs a calendar.  The calendar at this link is a daily calendar with trivia and facts.  A Cardinals desk pad calendar gives your recipient plenty of room to write down appointments and special days.

Mouse pad/pen set – Every office worker uses a computer mouse and a pen.  Give your favorite office worker’s computer mouse a Cardinals themed place to rest.

Every office worker needs somewhere to corral their pens and pencils.  This stylish pencil holder will take care of that.

You could make a nice gift basket with the daily calendar, the mouse pad/pen set, the pencil holder, and a box of Cardinals Kleenex. You can find the Cardinals Kleenex boxes at St. Louis area Wal-Marts and Schnucks stores.

The Technogeek:

Even technogeeks appreciate gifts to protect or enhance their favorite products.  Here are a few suggestions:

Cardinals iPhone 6 cell phone cover:  Your gift recipient can show their love for the Cardinals with this snazzy cell phone cover. If you don’t think your recipient won’t like this cover, you can click here to find other covers.

This cell phone holder will hold your gift recipient’s cell phone upright for easy scrolling and reading.  It can  be ordered in various sizes to fit different kinds of phones.

iPad cover –   This iPad cover has a Bluetooth keyboard and a leather cover. It is very professional looking.

The Gamer:

Some Cardinals fans not only like the game of baseball, they like other kinds of games as well.  Here’s some suggestions for the gamer, old school or new school, on your list.


Busch Stadium jigsaw puzzle.  This puzzle will while away the hours on a  cold winter night and help your recipient dream of the new season.  You can also find this at St. Louis area Wal-Marts, so you may not need to purchase it from Amazon.

Cards pool ballsFor the billiards player, a set of Cardinals billiard balls would be a great addition to their pool table. You could also purchase a Cardinals billiard ball rack and a Cardinals billiards cue stick and  case set.  If your budget is unlimited, you could also add a Cardinals pool table light.


For the video gamer, MLB The Show 14 for Play Station 4 would be the ticket.  Just make sure that your favorite gamer has the PS4 before you buy it.  If your favorite gamer has an XBox360, RBI Baseball 14 is the game to purchase.  RBI baseballl

For the Cardinals fan who has everything:

This is the person that is the hardest to shop for, isn’t it?  I have some ideas that will help you purchase the perfect present.

Insiders Club

An MLB Insiders Club membership would be a welcome gift.  The one year subscription includes the MLB Insiders Club magazine, a free All-Star Game program, a team logo blanket throw and a couple other goodies.

Winter Warm-Up passes go on sale today.  It’s a great gift for hardcore Cardinals fans and/or autograph seekers. You can go here and purchase autograph tickets for your gift recipient for their favorite Cardinals player. Autograph tickets are not on sale yet, but they will be soon.

A membership to the Baseball Hall of Fame would be an excellent gift for the long time baseball fan.  When you purchase a holiday gift subscription, you’ll receive a 75th anniversary personalized gold bat.


A subscription to the Cardinals’ magazine is an excellent gift.  The magazine has lots of color photos and great articles. There are great benefits to having a subscription, which include including eligibility for monthly giveaways of autographed memorabilia, batting practice field visits, game tickets, and popular promotional items and a reduced price on the 2015 Cardinals Yearbook.

Media guide

If you scroll down the same page where you can purchase a subscription to Cardinals magazine, you will find where you can purchase the 2014 Cardinals Yearbook, which features former Cards managers Tony La Russa and Joe Torre, and the 2014 Media Guide.  Either of these would be a great addition to the Cardinals magazine subscription.

If you have an unlimited budget, season ticket packages would make an excellent gift. (Would someone like to gift me with season tickets? Please? I’ve been a good girl this year, Santa.)

Need to do some last minute holiday shopping for your favorite Cardinals fan?  Most St. Louis area Wal-Mart, Targets, and KMarts have Cardinals items.  You can also find Cardinals apparel at Macy’s.  You can go to Busch Stadium and shop at the team store, or at the Authentics store across the street at Ballpark Village.  There are Cardinals Clubhouse stores at St. Clair Square, Union Stations, the Galleria, the South County mall and at Branson Landing in Branson, MO.  We visit the Branson location every year when we vacation in Branson.

Thanks for reading! Have a great holiday season!


Q&A with John Mozeliak

MoThe bloggers who are a part of the United Cardinals Bloggers were recently given the opportunity to ask John Mozeliak, the Cards’ general manager, one or more questions.  Mo was gracious and answered everyone’s questions (except for questions that were duplicated) in a clear and concise manner. It appeared from his answers that he really enjoyed answering our questions and that he looked forward to doing it again.  Yours truly could only come up with one question.  Maybe next time, I’ll be able to think of more than one.  Here is my question, and Mo’s answer:

What will the Cardinals management do to prevent another tragedy like Oscar Tavares’ death?  Could they start their own baseball school like Carlos Beltran’s school where not only baseball is taught, but life skills as well?  It would probably be a major investment, but since most future prospects are now coming from the Caribbean islands, it would pay off in the end.

We currently try to educate our players in our Dominican Academy.  We spend a lot of time and money having players realize the risks they take on and off the field.  Alcohol and drug awareness is one of our more common and spoken about topics.  But unfortunately in this most recent tragedy, a player had just finished a long season, was spending a week at home and unfortunately made a mistake. And it cost him his life.

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately.  There’s been a lot going on with my family these days, which I may address on one of my other blogs soon.  Things seem to be settling down, so hopefully my writing will pick up and I’ll be posting more.  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!