NLCS notes and observations

Only 2 games have been played in the NLCS so far and the drama has been incredible. Indeed, the whole postseason so far has been full of drama, not only for the Cards but for the other teams as well.  Most of the games have been decided by only one run.  There have been several extra-inning games, including one between the Royals and the Angels  during the ALDS that lasted 18 innings.  Despite the sweatshirts that say “Always October,” I’m so glad it isn’t always October because I don’t think my heart could take this much drama all the time.  The NLCS is all tied up and now moves to San Francisco for the next 3 games.  The Cards will have to win at least 2 out of 3.  Three out of 3 would be preferable, but I’ll take 2 out of 3.

Here’s some of my observations about the NLCS so far:

Media madness.  Please, Fox Sports 1, could you please replace Harold Reynolds?  I’d even be happy with Tim McCarver.  We wouldn’t have had to hear Harold call the Cards’ beautiful Saturday alternative uniforms “dingy.”  “Dingy,” in laundry terms, means “gray” and those uniforms are ivory.  If Harold can’t tell the difference between dingy and ivory, perhaps an eye exam is in order.  And we wouldn’t have had to hear so much gushing for the Giants.   Harold has also said things that are completely wrong.  Instead of the national broadcast guys, how about the guys that announce the games during the regular season? They know more about the teams and they wouldn’t screw things up.

Wainwright’s troubles.  Adam had a great September, winning the NL Pitcher of the Month award, but he hasn’t pitched well at all during the playoffs.  Adam says that his elbow isn’t bothering him, but the results say different.  Adam is on track to start Game 5 on Wednesday night in San Francisco.  We Cardinals fans will be holding our breath.  We will also be hoping that Matheny will have either Michael Wacha or Marco Gonzalez ready to eat up innings if necessary.

Yadi’s injury.  Poor Yadi had already been out for an extended period of time during the regular season due to the injury to his thumb, and now he’s been injured (pulled oblique muscle) during the playoffs.  Matheny must now have to decide whether to take Yadi off the NLCS roster (rendering him ineligible for the World Series roster should the Cards get that far) or leave him on the roster in the hopes that Yadi will recover.  I’m sure glad I don’t have to make that decision.  Mike put Tony Cruz in last night and that proved disastrous during the top of the ninth.  Lackey is the starting pitcher tomorrow and I’m hoping that Matheny starts Pierzynski instead of Cruz.  AJ caught Lackey in Boston, so he should know how to handle him. The Cards treaded water during the season while Yadi was on the DL, but the postseason is a different matter.  Yadi’s injury will have one of 2 effects on the team – they’ll either get their act together and “win it all for Yadi,” or they will fall apart without him behind the plate. I read tonight, however, that Yadi played catch today, so perhaps the injury is not as bad as originally thought.

Rosenthal.  Every time Rosey comes into the game in the ninth inning, Cardinals Nation (we fans, not the restaurant) holds their collective breath.  Some of us watch with our hands in front of our eyes – we can’t stand to see what may happen.  Will Rosey put men on base?  And if so, will they score?  Neshek was dealing in last night’s game – he should be been left in to finish the game.  Rosey may have been the NL leader in saves during the regular season, but if he can’t close out the game, the Cards need to find another closer.  It would be nice for Rosey to pitch a 1-2-3 inning too.

Hitting.  Thank goodness the Cards have been hitting home runs at opportune moments, or they would have been down 0-2 in the NLCS, instead of the series being tied up (and they wouldn’t have won the NLDS either).  The Cards need some regular, ordinary hits – singles, doubles, etc.  Taking a walk doesn’t hurt either.  Or, if the Cards get runners on base, they can’t get them home.  They had that problem during the regular season as well.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Wow, she’s being really hard on the Cards.”  It’s all constructive criticism, and the only reason I’m so critical is because I love the team.  I know how talented our guys are and what they’re capable of.   So come on, guys, get it together and show us you can beat the Giants.  We’re waiting impatiently until tomorrow at 3 PM CST for Round 3.

That’s all for now! Thanks as always for reading.  Go Cards!


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