Down to the wire

Down to the WireThe regular baseball season is almost over.  After the regular season is over, the postseason begins, which is my second favorite season of the year – after the Christmas season, that is.

On Sunday, the Cards mathematically won a wild card berth, but there is still a chance for the Cards to win the NL Central. As of today, the Cards’ magic number is 4.  Any combination of Cards wins/Pirates losses that add up to 4 will allow the Cards to win the division.

The Pirates clinched a playoff berth last night, after which the MLB Twitter account gloated that it was the Bucs’ second appearance in the playoffs in a row.  Whoopee.  The Cards are going to the playoffs for the fourth year in a row.  And Clint Hurdle (the Pirates’ manager) is really annoying me with his “team of destiny” stuff.  The 2011 Cards – now that was a team of destiny.  The 2014 Pirates?  Not so much.

The Cards will have to get it together and win the next 4 games if they want to win the division. We can’t count on the other teams to beat the Pirates.  It would be nice for the Cards to get into the playoffs by winning the division, rather than sneaking into the playoffs via the wild card.

Hopefully everyone is now over the stomach bug that laid low most of the clubhouse this last week (Mr. DeWitt, please have the cleaning crew stock up on Lysol), and the Cards will be ready to take the last 4 games of the season. Boys, just remember to hit, move the players around the base paths in any way possible, and score more runs that the other teams – in other words, fundamental baseball. And don’t swing at the first pitch!

Speaking of the playoffs, the Cardinals announced today that tickets for NLCS games will go on sale tomorrow and registration for the opportunity to purchase World Series tickets starts Friday.  Here’s the details on that:


Tickets for potential NLCS games on sale tomorrow; registration for World Series tickets begins Friday

ST. LOUIS, MO (September 24, 2014) – After securing a postseason berth for the fourth straight season, the St. Louis Cardinals are announcing ticketing details for potential National League Championship Series (NLCS) and World Series games. 

Tickets for potential NLCS games go on sale tomorrow, Thursday, September 25th at 10 a.m. CT. online at, via phone at 314.345.9000, and at the Busch Stadium ticket windows on 8th Street.

Due to high demand, the Cardinals will host an online registration for the opportunity to purchase potential World Series tickets. Online registration for the chance to purchase possible Cardinals World Series tickets begins on Friday, September 26th and concludes on Monday, October 6th. Winners of the random drawing will be contacted via e-mail on Friday, October 10th and notified of the process for purchasing World Series tickets.

Based on the final standings, the Cardinals could host up to four NLCS games. Due to the American League’s win in the All-Star Game, potential World Series games in St. Louis would be Games 3, 4 and 5.

Tickets for possible Wild Card and National League Division Series games are also on sale now.

Complete details and rules for the random drawing and purchases are available at

That’s all for now!  Watch this weekend for a blog post of my top 5 Cardinals prospects!  See you next time!


One thought on “Down to the wire

  1. Seriously, what does Clint Hurdle know about a “team of destiny”? Outside of playing in a few playoff games with the Royals in the 70’s, he’s never even been close to being a part of such a thing, has he? And Clint, I think 4 straight trips to to post season play trumps the Bucs’ measly TWO any day!!!

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