And here’s the starting lineup (of Cardinals blogs)

lineup cardBelieve it or not, this blog is not the only Cardinals blog in cyberspace.  There are many other Cardinals blogs out there which you may or may not have heard of or even read.  As you know, this blog is a member of the United Cardinals Blogger network, and the UCB project for this month is to create a lineup of Cardinals blogs. We had the choice of just doing a starting lineup or a 25-man (or woman) lineup.  I chose the starting lineup option, with a few additions.  Here are my choices:

Pitcher: I70 Baseball  It’s okay that the Cards’ cross-state rivals the Royals are also covered by this blog, which is written by Bill Ivie and friends.  There is lots of good Cardinals information here as well.  The graphics are nice and you can even buy tickets at this blog.

Catcher:  Retrosimba. If you love Cardinals history like I do, Mark Tomasik’s blog is the one to read.  Not only does he post history, he uses it to compare to current players.  Ted Simmons, one of the Cardinals’ best catchers ever, was Simba long before there was a Lion King, so there’s a good reason Retrosimba belons in this position.

First base:  MLBVoice.  This blog is a lot of fun, with lots of graphics, lots of colors and enthusiastic writing.  Mary Clausen brings the fun to Cardinals baseball, but there’s good information here as well.  Mary and I hang out at the Cardinals blogger events, and she’s just as fun in person as she is on her blog.

Second base:   Red Cleat Diaries.  Being a baseball blogger who is a woman, I am fond of other baseball blogs written by women.  Marilyn Green appears to have been a baseball fan as long as I have, and she tells it like it is.  I also really like the red cleats background on the blog. 🙂

Third base:  Cardinals Farm.  If you’re interested in what’s going on with the minor league Cardinals teams. this is the blog for you.  Corey Rudd and his other writers post all of the minor league news you need to keep up.  The blog has a nice clean layout and I don’t have to enlarge the font to read it, which is great if you’re getting old like me.

Shortstop:  Fungoes.  If you love sabermetrics and stats, this is the blog for you.  Math was my worst subject in school, but Matt Philip takes numbers and actually makes them interesting.


View from the Cheap Seats. Not only can you read Scott Wuerz’s blog online, but you can read it in print form as well in the Belleville News-Democrat. (Yes, I am a subscriber, in case you were wondering.)  Scott tells it like it is and doesn’t mince words. How refreshing!

Cardinals GM. This blog is a one stop blog with Cardinals news, minor league news and sabermetrics.  Tom Knuppel was the first blogger who befriended me at the first Social Media night I attended at Busch Stadium back in May 2011.  That seems like forever ago.

Redbird Rants. This blog has lots of nice color photos, large fonts (thanks, Dan Solzman), and well written articles.  It deserves a place on your reading list.  And they’re looking for writers, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, find the post with all the details.

Relief pitcher:  Aaron Miles’ Fastball.  Aaron Miles once pitched in relief for the Cardinals, so this blog was a natural choice for the relief pitcher position. Blog posts are written mostly by Christine Coleman, with an occasional post by Miranda Remaklus.  Christine and Miranda have a real love for Cardinals baseball, and it shows in their writing.  And if you love poetry, you will occasionally find a post on this blog with poetry.

Closer: By Gosh, It’s Langosch, Jenifer Langosch blogs for the Cardinals.  She’s on top of all the happenings with the team and reports on them promptly and thoroughly. Jenifer also takes inbox questions, which is nice.

Manager: C70 at the Bat. Daniel Shoptaw, who was the founder of this blog. is the head honcho of the United Cardinals Bloggers so his blog fits this position.  Dan posts at Cardinals Conclave these days.  This is the first Cardinals blog that I ever read, so it has sentimental meaning for me.

Coaches:  Cardinals Conclave.  This blog is an umbrella blog, with 11 different Cardinals bloggers taking roost there (pardon the pun).  Each blogger at Cardinals Conclave has a unique voice and a unique outlook on all things Cardinals.

You can visit these blogs by clicking on their names. I’m sure the writers would be extremely happy if you followed their blogs.  If you’re a blogger yourself and your blog is on the Blogger platform, you can add the blog to your reading list.  If your blog is on WordPress (like this one), you can subscribe to it.  If you would like to follow this blog, look at the right hand column and you will find a place where you can subscribe to this blog by email. I’m always excited when I get the email that someone new is following my blog – it means someone is actually reading my work. Many of these other blogs should also have a place where you can subscribe by email. And if you’re old school, you can add a blog to your RSS feed.

That’s all for now!  As always, thanks for reading! See you next time!


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