Firing on all cylinders

Auto_Basics_four stroke cycle piston engineThe title of this post is an automotive term.  For my readers who don’t understand automotive jargon, it means that all the pistons in an engine are working correctly. The pistons are the parts of the engine that move up and down to power the engine. A 4 cylinder engine has 4 pistons, a 6 cylinder engine has 6 pistons, etc.  The more pistons in an engine, the more power it has, so it uses more fuel. So what happens when the cylinders in the engine are not firing properly?  The engine does not run correctly.  The engine sputters,  jerks, and the car may not even be drivable.

You could compare the Cardinals as a team to an engine.  As each piston needs to fire correctly to help the engine run, each division of a team needs to play well so that the team can win games.  Let’s divide the team into pistons and review how each piston is doing.

Piston 1 – Pitching

The Cards’ starting rotation is doing very well this season. If not for them, the Cardinals would have lost a lot more games. The starting rotation picks up the slack for the lack of offense.  The relief corps, however, needs a little fine tuning.

Piston 2 – Hitting

This piston needs a lot of fine tuning, even a grease job.  The hitting is great during some games, but some games, well, the hitting is not so great.  No hitting equals no runs.

Piston 3 – Fielding

The defense has been pretty good this season.  There is a glut of good players in the outfield, which is good and bad simultaneously. As always, Yadi is stellar behind the plate.

Piston 4 – Managing and coaching

Some feel that Mike Matheny is a little too laid back.  Please show some emotion, Mike. Smile and cheer when your players do something good.  Don’t be afraid to argue with the umpire about a call.  Show some passion.

Once all four pistons are moving together the way they’re supposed to, the engine runs smoothly.  Once the Cardinals get every part of their engine working together correctly, the team will starting winning consistently.

I know my way around a car engine.  I can change a tire (I hate these new scissors jacks, by the way), jump a battery, fill up the radiator/overflow and the windshield wiper fluid, and check the oil.   But if you’re one of my women readers who don’t know much about their car, it wouldn’t hurt to learn about the parts of your vehicle and to learn how to do some minor repairs, such as how to change a tire or jump the battery.  It’s also good to know where to fill the antifreeze and the windshield wiper fluid, and how to check your oil and brake fluid levels.  You never know when you’re going to break down somewhere and there won’t be a man around to help out.  You can find car repair and maintenance courses for women at your local community college, or your local car dealer may offer one.

My next post will be next week about United Cardinals Bloggers weekend, which is this weekend.  It’s always great to see my fellow bloggers and to be able to ask Bill DeWitt and John Mozeliak questions.  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!


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