Passing the love of baseball on to the next generation

Most of us who love baseball inherited our love of the game from someone close to us.  It was my mother who introduced me to Cardinals baseball.  We listened to the games on KMOX, then later watched them on KSD-TV (now KSDK), with Joe Garagiola announcing the games.  Who introduced  you to the game of baseball? Have you thanked them lately?  It’s too late for me – my mom passed away in  1997.  Who introduced my mom to baseball?  I don’t know because I never asked  her about it and I’m sorry I didn’t.

Many of us marry spouses who love baseball.  A love of baseball is a great common interest.  Going to a ball game is a great first date.   The pace of the game is slow enough that you can converse between innings.  There’s lots of good ballpark food to snack on too.  You might even be chosen to appear on the Kiss Cam!  Some couples even get married at Busch Stadium.   My first husband was not a baseball fan.  I didn’t make that mistake the second time I got married.

I hopefully have passed my love of baseball to my children.  I used to take my daughter to Cards games when she was little.  At Busch Stadium II, she was admitted free to the bleachers if she could walk under the turnstile.  We used to get there early enough to watch batting practice and have a hot dog and a soda.  Scorecards were $1.00. There was a home game on her 18th birthday so we went to the game, of course.  She now lives in Connecticut, but she came home for her birthday last year and of course there was a Cards game on her birthday, so we went.  She sure planned that well!  My 17 year old son is just now getting interested in baseball – better late than never, I guess.  I took him to a game a couple weeks ago, but he doesn’t like it when I cheer with the rest of the fans. That’s part of the fun of going to a game – cheering on the players.  I guess he thinks I’m embarrassing him, since he’s a teenager.

My in-laws also love baseball.  We go to their house every other Sunday afternoon for supper and we watch the ball game on their large screen TV. We talk about how the team is playing and what we like and don’t like about how the team is playing. It’s nice to be married into a family that loves baseball.

Baseball is accessible to fans in many ways.  You can attend baseball games at various levels – at major league parks, spring training games, minor league games, or school games.  You can play baseball in Little League, high school and college – well, if you’re a girl, only in Little League.  Perhaps someday women will play major league baseball.  Even children enjoy playing a game of catch or hitting the ball.  It’s an experience that can be shared between parents/grandparents and kids.  Taking your kids/grandkids to their first baseball game will likely never be forgotten.  It’s a great way to make memories.

If we don’t want the love of baseball to die out n these days of cell phones, social media and video games,  we need to pass along the love of baseball to the next generation.  If you have children or grandchildren, have them watch a ball game with you, on TV or at the ball park. Explain the game to them and tell them why you love it.   Play a game of catch with them in the backyard.   Take them to or rent movies about baseball.  Share the history of baseball with them.  So you don’t have any kids or grandkids?  Share your love of baseball with a neighbor’s kid or a niece or a nephew.  Kids love it when people spend time with them and give them undivided attention and baseball is a great way to do this. So share the love of baseball with someone you love today.  You’ll never regret it.

Thanks for reading!  See you next time!


The photo above is posted with the permission of Tyann Marcink of Marcink Designs.  You can order your own copy of the photo by clicking here.

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