Happy new baseball season!

Opening DayIt’s Opening Day, the beginning of a new season.  Even Cubs fans have new hope on this first day of the season.  Could this be the year the Cubs finally make it to the World Series? No, probably not.

Some folks are comparing Opening Day to Christmas Day, but I think Opening Day is more like New Year’s Day. Like the New Year, the season is shiny and new.  Every team is at the same place in the standings (with the exception of those teams who have already played games).  Anything is possible.

On Christmas Day, you get and give presents.  On New Year’s Day, you make resolutions, like to lose weight, exercise more, etc.  Here are some resolutions I would like the Cardinals to make for the new season:

1.      The need for speed.  Turning a single into a double, running out an infield hit, etc. will help get more men on base and as a result, score more runs.

2.      More stolen bases. A stolen base puts a runner in scoring position, and a hit will bring them home.

3.     Quit swinging for the fences.  Yes, Matt Adams, I’m especially talking to you.  Every hit is a good hit – just get on base. If the ball happens to land over the fence, that’s great, but you will be missing out on a chance to get on base if you strike out.  Don’t be afraid to take a walk, either.

4.     Pay attention on the base paths. Don’t get caught in a rundown.  And don’t forget to watch the first and third base coaches.  They will let you know when you should run and when you should stay on base.

5.     Be patient at the plate.  Don’t swing at the first pitch.   Wait for your pitch before swinging.  It’s not good to leave runners on base.

As I post this, the Cards-Reds game is still going on.  Thanks to Carlos Martinez, the Cards are still leading 1-0.  The home opener, as you know, is next Monday.  I’ll be at the pep rally at Ballpark Village, so come by if you can and say hi.   Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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