As the World Series Turns

WS_FINALS_Web_MasterMiniseries were popular TV programs back in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and the 1990’s. The episodes of the miniseries were shown in prime time over several nights.  They were mostly historical dramas, based on previously published books, although some were based on fiction books.  Some of the more popular mini-series of those decades were Roots, North and South, and The Thorn Birds.

The 2013 World Series, Major League Baseball’s version of the miniseries, starts tonight.  The cast of players are the two teams that battled through the Division Series and the Championship Series in their respective leagues.  The settings for this Series are the old and venerable Fenway Park featuring the Green Monster, which opened in 1912, and the newer Busch Stadium III, which opened in 2006.  Both teams also had the best regular season record in their respective leagues, the first time that has happened since 1999.

Every good miniseries has several story arcs, and this World Series is no exception.  This is Carlos Beltran’s first trip to the World Series in his long illustrious career, and it’s Yadier Molina’s fourth trip to the Series.  This is Mike Matheny’s first trip to the World Series as a manager.  Chris Carpenter took batting practice at Fenway to fulfill a long held dream and he hit pretty well.  Maybe he should have been put on the roster on the bench?  LOL!

Will rookie Michael Wacha be as lights out on the mound as he was during the NLCS? Or will he get nervous and choke?  Will Matt Adams start hitting like he did during the regular season?  How will Allen Craig perform in a DH role?

This World Series brings hope to Boston after the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon.  It’s the battle of the Red Sox beards versus the fresh faced Cardinals rookies.  It’s a showdown between 2 of the oldest franchises in MLB.  And of course, each team claims the best fans in baseball.

This World Series is the fourth meeting between the Red Sox and the Cardinals. The Cardinals hold a 3-1 lead in the matchups.  In the 2004 World Series, the Cards were swept in 4 games by the Sox.  Will there be revenge this year for 2004?  Only Molina, Matheny, and Chris Carpenter remain from that Cardinals team.

It would be easy to get caught up in all the drama.  But underneath it all, this is still the World Series and there is still baseball to be played.  On paper, the Cards and the Red Sox appear evenly matched.  This should be a very good World Series.  My prediction is that the Cards will win in 6, for Stan.  Let’s go Cards!  My next post will give you all the logistics for the 2013 World Series games and events.

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!


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