A love letter to the St. Louis Cardinals players

Dear boys,

I call you boys affectionately because you are all much younger than me. I am writing to express my love and devotion, and my excitement that once again you all are on the brink of winning another National League pennant.

However, this is not a blind love.  I hope you will be open to some loving and constructive criticism.  Let’s start with hitting.

Please be patient at the plate.  Take some balls.  Wait for a good pitch or a mistake pitch to hit.  Make the pitcher work for the out.  The higher the pitch count, the earlier the pitcher will be taken out of the game.  And just get a hit.  Enough hits in a row will equal runs.  There’s no need to be swinging for the fences every time you’re up at bat (yes, Matt Adams, I’m talking to you).  This is all fundamental stuff you should have learned a long time ago and shouldn’t have to be reminded about. Allen Craig is unable at the present time to pick up the slack. You should be thankful that during the first two games of the NLCS that the pitching was lights out; otherwise, I wouldn’t even be writing this letter.  To summarize, you boys need to hit more!

If and when you do get on base, be an alert base runner.  Watch for passed balls or wild pitches so you can advance on the base paths.  Watch and see where hit balls land to determine whether it’s safe to advance or not.  Listen to your base coaches; they will tell you whether to run or not.   And when it’s time to run, run like the wind.  Don’t get hung up between bases!

As for defense, I don’t have too many complaints about the infield.  The infielders are doing a good job throwing runners out at first, and there have been some timely double plays.  As for the outfielders, however (yes, I’m talking to you, Jon Jay), your communication skills need work. If you think you’ll be able to catch the ball then call the other players off.  Be alert and try and figure out where the ball will go then move your body there to catch the ball, preferably with both hands.

You boys are great baseball players, otherwise, you wouldn’t be playing in the NLCS right now – you’d be home watching on TV or playing golf.  There are a lot of NL teams that would love to be where you are right now.

So please boys, please get this pennant won tonight.  My heart can’t stand much more drama. I have to have some time to recover before the next round of drama hopefully starts next week.  Thank you!

Love always,



P.S.:  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!  Go Cards!

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