Christian Day at the ballpark

Christian DayThe Cardinals have held a Christian Day event once a year for the last few years.  An organization named Christian Family Day used to organize this event, until the Cardinals organization decided they wanted to take care of it themselves.

I have always wanted to go to a Christian Day game, but hubby balked until this year, when we found out that the guest speaker was going to be Willie Robertson, star of the hit A&E TV show Duck Dynasty.  We are big DD fans at our house (don’t judge, OK?) and thought it would be great to hear Willie in person.

A lady at the church we attend is a big DD fan too, so we decided to purchase group tickets for the game and make them available to the members of our church to purchase.  We purchased the group tickets online.  There was a 30% discount on group tickets for this game, which was great.

We got to our seats just in time to see Willie throw out the first pitch to Adam Wainwright.  We weren’t close enough to see whether he threw a strike or a ball, but at least he didn’t bounce it to home plate like some first pitch throwers do.  Willie’s dad Phil was the starting quarterback at LSU (amazingly, Terry Bradshaw was second string), so he surely inherited some athletic ability.

After the game, we were instructed to go sit in the seats behind the Cardinals’ dugout for the speeches.  From looking at the stands, it appeared that most of the first level of the stadium was filled, which I thought was great considering how hot it was.

I tried to tape the presentation on my phone, but I didn’t get the first part of the presentation.  Hubby and I got separated and he called me when Adam Wainwright started speaking and the camcorder turned off.  I thought I had it back on for Mike Matheny and Willie’s speeches, but it wasn’t.  😦 Can I blame the heat?  LOL!

Jason Motte spoke first.  Matt Carpenter spoke about a passage in the book of Matthew that really spoke to him.  David Freese shared his favorite Scripture and spoke about needing brothers in Christ such as Adam Wainwright, Matt Holiday and Mike Matheny to help him in his Christian walk. Matt Holliday has his favorite Bible verse, Job 38:4, tattooed on his arm, and Adam Wainwright spoke about his childhood and his wild lifestyle before he was saved.  Mike Matheny was the last Cardinal to speak.

Willie at Busch

Then Willie was introduced, to thunderous applause.  Willie spoke about the success of Duck Dynasty.  He then spoke at length about Si, Phil, and Miss Kay (uncle, dad and mom, respectively).  Willie called Si one of the godliest men he knew.  He mentioned that if Phil hadn’t turned his life over to the Lord that there would be no Duck Dynasty.  Willie said that Miss Kay is the nicest woman in the world.  Willie then spoke about the philosophy that shapes the family’s lives – faith, family, ducks – in that order and that it would never change.

For more information about some of the Christian faith of some of the Cardinals, read the book Intentional Walk: An Inside Look at The Faith That Drives the St. Louis Cardinals by Rob Rains. For more information about Willie Robertson, read The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family and Ducks Built an Dynasty, a book Willie wrote with his wife Korie.

Oh, yes, there was a game yesterday too.  It was a nice outing by Lance Lynn, with no blow out inning(s) like some of the last games he’s started.  Matt Holliday hit a home run, which is always good to see. Carlos Beltran stole home for the winning run, and he also made a very nice acrobatic catch in the top of the 9th inning.  We were sitting in section 232, not far from where Carlos patrols the outfield, and we cheered for him when he made that great catch. He’s 36 years old?  Really? He plays like he’s 10 years younger. Carlos, if you have found the Fountain of Youth, please share.  The Cardinals also swept a series at home for the first time this season.  It was a good day all around.

A note to the Cardinals organization – Christian Day is great, but can you please hold it in April, May or September when it isn’t so doggone hot?  There might have been even more people who would have stayed for the presentation if it hadn’t been so hot.  Also, this event used to be held on Saturdays.  A Saturday event would be better so as not to interfere with church services. Depending on how far folks traveled to get to the game, they didn’t get to attend church on Sunday.  Thanks!

Thanks as always for reading!  See you next time!


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