2013 National League East predictions

The United Cardinals Bloggers’ March assignment is for each blogger to post their predictions for 2013.  Yesterday, I made my predictions for the American League.  Over the next three days, I will take a look at each division in the National League and make my predictions.

1.         Nationals – The Nats were the beast of the East last year, and they should finish in first place again this year.  They will learn from their mistakes in the playoffs.  Hopefully, ace Stephen Strasburg will be able to  pitch more than his “pre-determined” innings limit.

2.         Braves – The Braves made some nice moves this offseason by upgrading their outfield with B.J. Upton, Jason Heyward and Justin Upton.  The new look outfield and the strong pitching will make them contenders, but nothing will stop the Nats.

3.         Phillies –  This year will not be kind to the Phillies. Roy Halladay needs to have a good season and with the exception of Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard, the players are getting old.

4.         Mets – The Mets are still paying Johan Santana’s salary, which will limit them in getting good players. They also lost Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes and R.A. Dickey, and they are now in rebuilding mode.

5.         Marlins –  The trade of most of their good players to the Blue Jays will surely hurt the Marlins.  They are in a rebuilding mode.  A large stadium with few fans attending games will not help morale.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my predictions.  Wish I could predict the winning lottery numbers!  Thanks for reading – see you next time!


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