2013 American League predictions

Spring has sprung on the calendar (Mother Nature obviously can’t read, because she sent us 12” of snow yesterday), but it isn’t spring to me until Opening Day, and that’s only one week from today!  The Cards’ home opener is two weeks from today.  The United Cardinals Bloggers’ project for March is predictions of the standings for 2013.  Today’s predictions are for the American League.  Full disclosure – this post was written with the assistance of my husband.  He knows more about the American League than I do.  So here are my predictions, with comments on a few:

AL East

1.         Rays – Outstanding pitching and a smart manager.  What more do you need?

2.          Blue Jays – They were the recipients of Florida’s largesse.  A change will do these players good.

3.         Yankees – This is Mariano Rivera’s last season and he’d like to go to the playoffs one more time, but the Yanks have a bunch of old players.  Steinbrenner’s son is more economical and doesn’t spend money like his dad.

4.         Orioles

5.         Red Sox – Like the Yankees, the Red Sox have several players at the end of their careers.

AL Central

1.        Tigers – They’ve won the division the last two years and this year will be no exception, since the AL Central is a weak division.

2.         White Sox

3.         Royals – The Royals have made some improvements, but they’re not ready for the big time yet.

4.         Indians

5.         Twins

AL West

1.         Angels – With all the money that management has spent, winning the division should be a given, but this division is wide open.

2.         Rangers – The Rangers were this close to a World Series championship a couple of years ago, but the loss of Josh Hamilton will hurt.

3.         A’s

4.         Mariners

5.        Astros – It’s going to be a rough year for the ‘Stros, even with the addition of some ex-Cards players and other ex-Cards folks.  The main problem will be getting used to the AL style of play.

Wild cards – Blue Jays, Rangers

ALDS –  Rays v. Tigers, Angels v. Blue Jays

AL Champion – Angels

Thanks for reading!  Tomorrow’s post will be the 2013 National League East predictions.  See you then!


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