The 2012 WWLCB Holiday Gift Guide

I’m sure you’re thinking, “But Diane, it’s only November 29. I’m not ready to do my holiday shopping yet!” However, it’s less than a month until Christmas and Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah starts December 9.  If you’re ordering gifts and having them shipped somewhere, the earlier you can get your shopping done, the better. Whether Cardinals items are on your holiday wish list or you’re shopping for a fellow Cardinals fan, the list of suggestions below will help you find the perfect present.  Let’s look at some unique holiday gifts for the Cardinals fan. Click on the underlined word(s) of each paragraph and the website will open in another tab. (You know I don’t want you to leave this page!  LOL!) – If you or your gift recipient’s favorite Cardinals player is  Daniel Descalso, Jason Motte, Matt Carpenter, or Jon Jay, you can purchase an egraph, which is a digital photo with a personalized message and signature from the selected player.  Your recipient can view the photo in a digital gallery and purchase a framed print of the autographed photo.

Burton History Trees – This gift is for the Cardinals history buffs.  This unique gift looks like a family tree, but instead of listing who married who and the names of their kids, it lists all the Cardinals connections.  Full disclosure – the Cardinals’ Burton History Tree is in partnership with the United Cardinals Bloggers network, of which this blog is a member.

Cardinals Authentics – Ever dreamed about owning a batting helmet signed by your favorite Cardinals? Or about owning a base that was actually used in a Cardinals game?  This is the place to purchase these items. You can even buy bottles of the bubbly from several recent playoff locker room celebrations.

We lady Cardinals fans may love Cardinals baseball, but we also like to accessorize. You or your favorite lady Cardinals fan will love to receive Cardinals jewelry and/or accessories.  Most ladies like to carry purses (after all, we need something to hold our cell phones, our wallets, and everything else we need), so why can’t it be a Cardinals purse?

If you or your favorite male Cardinals fan has a man cave, it would look great with Cardinals items.  You can find accessories for the perfect Cardinals man cave here. And if you want to accessorize his car with Cardinals items, you can click here to find some.  All guys need a watch, and you can find a great selection here.  Guys need to carry around their spending money and their gear too, so buy them Cardinals gear to do that with here.

Are there new baby Redbird fans or baby-Redbird-fans-to-be on your list?  You can purchase Cardinals themed items here and here. Bigger kids are Redbird fans too and you can purchase Cardinals items for them here.

Stuck inside while it’s cold and snowy outside?  Make the time go quickly by reading Cardinals books and watching Cardinals DVD’s.  Cardinals Gameday magazine is a great gift and when you purchase a subscription during the holiday season, you get a voucher for 2 ticket for a 2013 home game.  That’s like giving 2 gifts in 1!  Click here to subscribe for yourself or to give a gift subscription.  While you’re inside, accessorize with Cardinals items found here and here.  You can find Cardinals holiday decorations for your home and Christmas tree here.  Winter Warmup tickets are great presents as well, and you can purchase them here.  Later in December, you can purchase autographs tickets for Winter Warmup.

If money is no object, consider buying season tickets.  If you don’t want to purchase a whole season, you can purchase ticket packages.  A trip to spring training would be a great present too.  Several St. Louis area travel agencies offer spring training packages.

If you’re looking to get a lot of shopping done at once, I suggest a trip to the team store at Busch Stadium.  After you’re done shopping, take a short walk east on Clark Street and look through the fence into the stadium to relive memories of games gone by or dream about next season.  The Cardinals Clubhouse stores also have a lot of Cardinals merchandise in one location.  The Clubhouses have a lot of smaller items on display that would make great stocking stuffers.

I hope I’ve given you lots of good ideas to make every Cardinals fan (and yourself as well) happy this holiday season!  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!


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