The journey of love

You may be asking yourself, what does that title have to do with Cardinals baseball?  Continue reading, my dear reader, and you will see.

I am married to a Cardinals fan.  We met in 1988 at a bar named Corvettes at Ramada Inn in Fairview Heights, IL, which is now a comedy club.  We were introduced by a mutual friend.  As we talked, we discovered we both loved Cardinals baseball.  Mike would call me and we’d talk for a couple hours at a time about Cardinals baseball.  I was really impressed with his knowledge of Cardinals baseball and he has admitted that I was the only woman he had ever met that knew as much about Cardinals baseball as he did.

We hung out with a crowd of friends and played coed softball together on a couple of really lousy teams. (But it was fun anyway.) Since God didn’t see fit to give me any athletic talent, I played catcher.  Mike played outfield or first base, depending on where he was needed.  After a couple of years, friendship turned to romance and we married in 1992. We recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

Through the years, we have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations.  What couple doesn’t?  Our love of Cardinals baseball helps distract us for a while when life is tough. Our memories are punctuated by Cardinals playoffs and World Series appearances.  Our son Phillip was born in 1996 and that’s the year that Ozzie Smith retired.  I have a photo of Mike holding Phil not long after he was born. On the couch next to Mike is a copy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports section with a photo of Ozzie’s famous backflip on the front page.  Come to think of it, I may still have that section on the shelf in our walk-in closet where we keep other famous newspaper editions, such as Mark McGwire breaking the home run record, etc.

Mike’s dad was a big Cardinals fan too, and for Father’s Day, we would buy him Cardinals books.  When Mike’s dad passed away in 2009, we inherited his collection of Cardinals books. I guess Mom figured since we bought them for Dad that we should get them back.  My daughter is a Cards fan again, although for a while she went over to the Dark Side and became a Cubs fan.  That’s the ultimate act of baseball rebellion – root for the rival of your parents’ favorite team!  She is back on the right side now.  Being a Cardinals fan is in the genes.  Our son is not crazy about baseball like we are, although he does collect baseball cards and will occasionally sit and watch a game with us, asking us questions about how the game is played. Maybe he’s warming up to the game. He unfortunately inherited my lack of athletic skills.  I was so hoping for a son who would be a baseball player.  LOL! I guess God had other plans.

Whenever we run out of things to talk about (and after 20 years, inevitably we do), we can always talk about Cardinals baseball, even in the dead of winter.  When I am writing a blog post and I can’t remember something Cardinals related, I ask Mike and he always knows.  He’s my walking baseball encyclopedia.

Every couple should have a mutual interest besides the children (if you decide to have any) and ours is Cardinals baseball.  We follow the team on TV, in the newspapers and online.  Occasionally, we get to attend a game at Busch Stadium if someone gives us tickets or if we purchase the KMOX First Pitch ticket vouchers.  We went to the game on Mother’s Day, since I received tickets for Administrative Professionals’ Day.   I didn’t catch any foul balls (we were in the Redbird Club seats on the third base side), but I did catch a sunburn.  If we ever win a big lottery prize, one of the first things I’ll buy is season tickets.

There is no other team worth following than the Cardinals and there is no other man for me except my husband.  Here’s to another 20 years (or more) with my hubby and with my Cardinals!

Thanks for reading!  See you next time!


P.S:  If you are betrothed to a Cardinals fan, then perhaps you should consider Busch Stadium as the place to hold your nuptials and/or your post-nuptial reception. You can start your life of marital bliss in Baseball Heaven!  Click here for details on how to do that.

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