The St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Series Collector’s Edition 8 disc DVD review and contest!

Congratulations to Mike Wald, Corey Chapman and Mary Jane Lindley, the winners of the Blu-ray 2011 World Series Champions DVD set! As promised, here is my review of the 8 disc 2011 World Series Collector’s Edition. This set is definitely for the hardcore baseball/Cardinals fan. This set is available only on regular DVD only and not on Blu-ray.

Each game of the World Series is commemorated on its own DVD.  The exterior cover for each DVD contains the length of the game, the starting pitchers, the temperature at game time, the attendance, the line score (on the front), the complete box score (on the back), and various factoids.  The interior cover contains the scoring summary for each inning.

Each game DVD starts out with an advertisement for the Hot Stove show on MLB Network.  There is a montage of World Series games.  Then the menu for the DVD appears. You have 3 options – Play Ball!, which takes you directly to the Fox broadcast, Inning Selection, in which you can go directly to the inning you want to watch, and Audio Set-Up, in which you can select either the Cardinals’ radio announcers or the Rangers’ radio announcers to call the game.  In the Audio Set-Up selection, you can also select whether you want to listen in English or Espanõl.  Once you select the audio set up, you click on main menu and then you can select Play Ball!

Disc 8 has the bonus features.  The exterior cover has the World Series line score and various factoids.  The interior cover has the World Series stats and the World Series pitching stats.  The bonus material appears to be the same as on the main DVD of the other 2 World Series sets.

Now on to the contest! The folks at A&E/MLB Productions have been gracious to allow me to give away one DVD set.  I will permit previous winners to participate in this contest.  The first person to answer this question is the winner:  Chris Carpenter joined _________, ___________, and ___________ as Cardinals pitchers to make three starts in a single World Series championship.  Fill in the blanks and e-mail your answers, name and mailing address to no later than 9 PM on 12/22/11. Good luck!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!  And may the Cardinals win a 12th championship in 2012!


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