What a wild ride!

If you had asked me on August 26 whether the Cards would make the playoffs, I would have said “absolutely not.”  The Cards were way back in the standing and the Brewers were running away with the division.  The Braves were in the lead for the wild card.   The Cards had as much of a chance of going to the playoffs as I do of winning America’s Got Talent. (Yours truly is auditioning on Saturday in St. Louis – wish me luck!)

But then the tide began to turn.  The Braves fell in a September swoon and the Cards started winning games.  It all started coming together.  Hope for a red October started to surge in my heart.  The last week of the season especially was a nail biter – would the Cards be the wild card or the Braves?  The Cards had to wait for the Phillies to finish off the Braves.  The Cards thanked the Phillies for their assistance by beating the Phillies in the NLDS.

I think that God must be a baseball fan.  Who else could have orchestrated the events of the last month and a half – the Braves’ September swoon, the Cards’ resurgence, and the collapse of the Phillies and the Brewers?  If if were a book, no one would buy it, it’s so improbable.

The last chapter of the book starts tonight.  The Cards are the underdog against the Rangers, which is a very good place to be, as the Cards were the underdog in the NLDS and the NLCS.  I work in downtown St. Louis and there will be electricity in the air today.  Productivity will be at an all time low as people discuss the WS and the Cardinals. What a wild ride the last month and a half has been!  I will enjoy it as long as it lasts and I hope you do too.

Go Cards!



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