Opening Day in St. Louis – a poem

Opening day in St. Louis
Should be a holiday
So those who work
Don’t have to play hooky to go to the game.

The pep rally itself
Has the feel of a picnic.
All the fans are there
Wearing their Cardinals gear
And carrying signs.
All the downtown workers
Skip out early for lunch and go to the pep rally
They register for prizes
Pick up all the free goodies
And soak up the ambiance.

Later on at the ballpark
The fans drink beer
And discuss the upcoming season.
Will the Cards go to the Series this year?
Will Albert win another MVP?
The atmosphere is electric.

Finally the opening ceremonies begin.
The Clydesdales prance around the field
Carrying a load of the fans’ favorite beverage
And bringing back memories of Auggie Busch.

The players themselves finally parade in like royalty
Riding on red Mustangs
Circling the field to thunderous applause,
And then, the ceremony at the plate.
Dignitaries are introduced,
Awards are given,
Speeches are made,
The starting lineups are introduced,
And the National Anthem is sung.

Finally, the game begins!
The players take the field
And spring has sprung
For baseball is back in St. Louis. 
The world is right once again.

Tomorrow is the home opener in St. Louis.  I work in downtown St. Louis, so I try to get to the pep rally every year,  Tomorrow will be no exception. I will be wearing my All Star Game 2009 lanyard (from working at Fan Fest), so if you’re at the pep rally, look for me!  I’m 5’4″ with red hair and metal frame glasses.  Just quote me some of the poem above so I’ll know you read my blog. 😀

It will be a beautiful day weather wise, and hopefully, it will be a beautiful day on the field as well.  I get off of work at 4 and won’t get home until 5, so I’ll miss most of the game.  😦  I will have to see if Fox Midwest will rerun the game later. 

Now that the season has started, hopefully I’ll be able to post more.  See you then!


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